• Build stronger customer relationships

    Understand and engage your SaaS customers to the fullest


An Onboarding experience that converts

Create a seamless onboarding experience and save time and resources,
reaching users with the exactly right message and the right time.





Connect with your customers

Establish a connection with your customers through the most profound level – the data level. Get an accurate picture of customer health, predict user patterns and act, knowing what they need.


A few of our customers...


Iridize gives you the insights and tools to engage your customers from the get-go, paving the way to a long-lasting, steadfast relationship.

Cure Churn

Catch churning customers before they drop off your radar and out of your reach. Boost your retention rates with Iridize's predictive, bottom-line analytics.

Act on Insights

Keep things proactive with Iridize's unique in-app messaging solution or through integration with your CRM/Analytics/Marketing platform.

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