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Iridize Walkthrough airs on Israel’s #1 Restaurant Service

We’re excited that chose Iridize to implement a new walkthrough guide that was recently launched on their mobile website. is Israel’s most popular digital restaurant review service, listing most restaurants, cafes and pubs in the country. The 4-step onboarding walkthrough greets new visitors to Rest’s new mobile website and swiftly guides them how to find their way in the site:

None-Hebrew speakers, try to enjoy the pretty pictures and smooth navigation :)


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When your customer usage data is threatening to become Big Data

One of the recurring problems we find our clients are confronted with is the problem of dealing with data volume. Specifically, the point in which manageable amounts of aggregated usage stats are at risk of turning into high volumes of complex data that would require Big Data processing capabilities. This doesn’t happen overnight, but most small-medium SaaS companies do not have the computational capacity for big data analysis.

Swallowed alive by an unreasonable volume of data

Swallowed alive by an unreasonable volume of data

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You’ve set up your NPS. Now what do you do with it?

Mazal tov! You’ve just finished setting up your free NPS survey. If you’re anything like us, you are now frantically refreshing the backend dashboard, waiting to see what your customers think about your service. This manual should guide you through getting actionable insights from the results of your NPS Survey.

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What to Measure – Productivity Software

In Part 1 we listed the metrics that would best serve email marketing and marketing automation providers. In Part 2, we will review the metrics that should be consulted in productivity SaaS applications.

We are longtime fans and users of Trello, so it seems only natural to take it as our productivity software test case. Productivity software is usually highly, regularly used tools that match email and word processors in how frequently we use them. Whether they are personal life-streamlining apps to “remember the milk” or shared lists for improving team productivity – we quickly find ourselves using them every day, all day.

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An Evolution of SaaS Analytics

Over the past few years, we have seen a rapid evolution of analytics unfold before our very eyes. Since the analytics ball is still rolling, it is exciting to see how changes in SaaS analytics design swiftly adapt to technology and marketing trends. Immediate history, analysis of current affairs and prediction, all rolled up in one. Kind of like a SaaS analytics dashboard.


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Why Conversion is the Most Dangerous Vanity Metric of them All

Much frantic typing has been poured into the uncovering of and warning hereby of the hazards of SaaS vanity metrics. Most commonly vanity metrics refer to marketing metrics, traffic and occasionally – the relationship between web analytics and customer centric analytics.

Selecting which analytics to track is generally trickier when you are required to drill down to customer-specific stats. The need to create a customer success standard usually drives the data people to narrow the selection of metrics so it will be easier to integrate with different user patterns. All of this means that while there should be less customer acquisition metrics to chase than there were marketing metrics, customer acquisition has its fair share of metric traps as well.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who has the best SaaS metrics of them all?


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