• Accelerate Product Adoption and Increase User Engagement

“This is the first time I’ve seen such close collaboration between the Product and the Marketing Teams. There is real excitement about the possibilities with Iridize”

Dell EMC Product Manager

Product and Marketing Managers can use Iridize to offer strong, personalized onboarding with real-time communication to help increase user confidence and quicken product adoption. Iridize customers experience between 15-20% increase in their user engagement and in product use and see a substantial reduction in customer churn.

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Iridize’s content creation platform empowers you to offer contextually-relevant content, which integrates with your product and appears to be a part of it. In other words: we provide a coding-free platform to enhance communication with customers and help them use the product better.



 Iridize features include:


Real-time, integrated,
self-launched help

Automatically launched live content based on each user’s past activity

Product and Marketing messaging features (release notes, Happy New Year messages)


Appears to be part of your own product (full control over the
look and feel)

Segmentation of content based on user types / roles / past activity

A powerful reporting engine and comprehensive analytics dashboards

Track Training and Performance

In addition, Iridize offers you a host of possibilities and benefits to advance your knowledge about user behavior and to enhance product adoption:

•   Data collection – even following unique user behavior patters
•   Content automation
•   A/B testing of new features with user segmentation
•   Feedback polls – with unique user data
•   Goals – to learn about customer activity

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