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New Feature: Iridize Goals

Let’s say you fell in love with jogging. You went from half-hearted attempt to get the family doctor off your back to indispensable nightly jogs in a matter of weeks. And you get better. You know you’re getting better, but all you have is a feeling and a loose estimate. You really want to know what your improvement curve looks like, so you start tracking your time, maybe download an app. Soon, you begin to aggregate data.


Here’s something most people don’t realize: data-driven improvement is an organic process. Once your data reflects achievements, it’s only a small step to setting goals and creating more structured and successful progress.


When we realized that at Iridize, the natural thing to do was to provide our users with tools for improvement in user training through monitoring and structured scaling. So we created Goals.

Setting goals is the natural course to improvement

Setting goals is the natural course to improvement

What Are Iridize Goals?

Iridize Goals are essentially milestones in users’ activity that can help you track their onboarding progress. You can silently monitor those important steps in the user’s onboarding journey and make sure they complete them.


How Does it Work?

  1. Set goals

    in actions throughout your application: clicks, arriving at certain pages, completing tasks.

  2. Monitor

    your users to see which of them completed which goals, giving you an accurate picture of their onboarding progress and proficiency in the application.


You can use Iridize as a silent tracking agent for third party applications, but the most powerful implementation of Goals lies in the integration with onboarding guides, which pick up where the goals end: you can set up guides to target users better once you know who needs a bit more nudging and who seems to doing fine on their own. You can then measure your guides success and analyze onboarding patterns with the Drilldown Guide Analytics.


Awesome. Do you have any use cases I can follow?  

One of our clients is an international corporation currently implementing Iridize on their home-grown CRM. Their goals for onboarding sales reps include three steps:


  1. Create a lead
  2. Create an opportunity
  3. Connect the two items


The training team monitored user activity for a week after the formal training. Most of the sales managers completed their onboarding tasks within that time, but 20% only created one of the items and another 9% did not create any at all.


The training team then launched guides directed at the user groups as follows:


  • Users who only created a lead – got guides encouraging them to create an opportunity and connect the two
  • Users who only created an opportunity – got guides encouraging them to create a lead and connect the two
  • Users who did not create any items – got a guide urging them to create a lead



Facing the Forgetting Curve

How much did your organization spend on employee training and onboarding in 2015? If your organization is like most organizations today, the answer is probably – large sums of money. But let’s be honest, despite offering new employees days’ worth of classroom (or virtual classroom) training packed into a 4-6 day period, hoping they are made “ready” for their post, the result isn’t all that… productive. To say the truth, about 80%-90% of what is presented to new employees during these first, few days is lost – forgotten – within, well, days. This disturbing statistic is a part of a known problem in the learning and training industry called the Forgetting Curve


forgetting curve graphSource


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LavaCon Dublin 2016 – Here We Come!



Coming to LavaCon Dublin 2016? We’ll be there! We’re really excited about sponsoring the leading conference for technical communicators, coming to Europe. Come visit us at booth 32 and learn more about microlearning and supportive training technologies.


Fancy a Discount?

If you haven’t registered yet, use IRIDIZE referral code and get a 55EUR discount.


Seen the Program Yet?

Of course you have.  We recommend you pencil in Industry Leader’s Panel – If I Had Known Then What I Know Now, on June 8th, 9:30. Iridize’s own CMO, Oded Ilan, will be participating alongside MadCap’s Mike Hamilton and Astoria’s Michael Rosinski. You can also read more.


See you at #LavaCon!



New Feature: Drilldown Guide Analytics

What is the Holy Grail of user training? That’s an easy one: usage data. We all want access to our users’ every move in our guides. This information is worth gold: How are your guides doing? Which guides did users have trouble completing, when did they last view a guide and which guides aren’t they using at all? If we knew all that, we would be able to design better guides and fix the broken ones. In short – we would be able to give better training.

Well, you can.

Iridize presents: the Drilldown Guide Analytics dashboard that allows you to analyze a guide’s success at user level. You can now view user activity and interaction with the guide and collect user feedback on guides through a friendly guide rating system.


Let’s start: access guide analytics through your guide dashboard:


accessing analytics


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New Enterprise Feature: Collaboration and User Management

What is your favorite feature in Google Docs? For many, it is the collaboration module. The ability to actually touch the same work materials as your colleagues can often mean the difference between team-work and, well, the other thing.


Iridize understands that while you wish to share with your colleagues or managers the data provided through our dashboard (statistics, guide preview, analytics), you may wish to limit the ability to edit and modify guides to a smaller number of users.


For that very purpose, we developed Iridize’s Collaboration and User Management platform. We understand that as an enterprise you wish not only to invite colleagues to work with you on guides but also to manage their roles and permissions.



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Onboarding Millennials: From Instructive to Supportive Employee Training

The full version of this article was originally published on on Bob’s Guide. 

Quietly and almost unnoticeably, employee training practices which had been in use for decades are becoming obsolete. While existing practices may still be relevant to some employees, for a growing percentage of our workforce: the millennials, these have become less relevant and even a hindrance. By 2014, 36% of the workforce was comprised of millennials. This means that over a third of your workforce grew up in a world where instant communication and accessible, affordable technology were a given, a thing to be taken for granted.


When it comes to work-culture – millennials are different. Being constantly connected and used to immediate feedback, they bring a quick and vibrant rhythm to professional environments. They are digitally native, often preferring to communicate via Hangouts, chats and instant messaging over emails or phones. Chats are actually a good example of the Millennial pace: short, laconic, and efficient – i.e., bite-sized.

Millennials at work

Millennials at work, from this great article on What Makes a Millennial at The Odyssey online

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How to Create Truly Context Sensitive Help

Context sensitive help is a leap of effectiveness for user help and product documentation: it provides on-page help, allowing the user to stay in-app, instead of wandering away to another tab/window and breaking her concentration by leaving “the zone”. Today, any competent technical communicator can create context sensitive help with a little help from developer from the R&D team.


The DIY options for creating CSH are here, but they are not perfect. We wrote a 5-step guide, with some of the process’ shortcomings, so you know where you stand when approaching the operation:


  1. Create a map file
  2. Write the help topics outlined in the map file
  3. Integrate the context sensitive help into the code base
  4. Publish the help topics
  5. Test


Let’s dig a little into each and every one of these steps:

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