The Best Training Tools for Onboarding New Employees

An expensive part of business, no matter your industry, is bringing in new employees. The expense of replacing an employee can cost anywhere from two months to two years’ salary depending on the industry and the level of responsibility. It makes sense, then, to have an effectual training program in place to effectively onboard new employees.


The trick is, of course, to successfully reduce the amount of training time without harming the effectiveness and quality of the training. The key to making this transition is by embracing available technology to make training a breeze.


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Why Online Tools are Important

Traditionally, when we think of employee training we think of weeklong seminars in stuffy conference rooms or auditoriums, often with a sadly catered lunch, and overwhelmed new employees. These seminars are expensive, impersonal and frequently tedious. The other traditional option is having your new hire shadow a more experienced employee. Although mentoring is a terrific technique, the constant shadowing often means you now have two positions working inefficiently, even if for a limited duration.


You also run the risk of bad work habits being passed on. Online training tools offer a long-awaited alternative. It allows for interactive learning and self-service training. Not only is online training more efficient than conventional training, it allows new employees to train at their own pace, reducing stress and increasing job satisfaction.


Remote Tools for Training

Quickly becoming an indispensable tool for training, the webinar offers all of the benefits of a traditional seminar with considerably less drawbacks. Your employees are able to tune in anywhere: from the office, from their home, even from the airport. Gone are the expensive room rentals and catered lunches.


Because you do not have these expenses, the webinar does not have to be done all in a week. It can be attended in smaller intervals, allowing the daily training to be absorbed. You can also take advantage of screen sharing, one on one training sessions, no matter where the trainer and trainee are located. The leaders in webinar technology include, Skype, LogMeIn, Joinme, and TeamViewer.


Self Service Training Tools

Going hand in hand with remote tools for training, are the self service employee training tools. Among the main benefits of online employee training are:


  1. Making it possible for employees to work at their own pace.
  2. At least where Iridize is concerned – online employee training tools are customizable to suit your company’s needs
  3. Also a service we offer – tracking employee training goals


Now is the time to embrace the technology for running your business smarter, and reducing the cost of employee turnover. The opportunity to train a new employee effectively for less money is one of the cleverest ways to trim the bottom line. The money invested today on designing an online and self-service training system will pay you back for years to come.


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