Increase Call Center Efficiency in 4 Simple Steps

When it comes to increasing call center productivity, the common practice is to measure call length and encourage support analysts to lower each call time. The logic behind this is that shorter calls free up the support staff to take more calls, thus improving the call center’s efficiency by addressing more customers’ complaints.

But in fact, this practice may actually have the opposite effect on your customer-base: short calls often leave customers unsatisfied, feeling their needs were not addressed. This may lead to more calls, which means you haven’t achieved your main goal.

Instead of putting all your energy into decreasing call lengths, consider focusing on finding alternatives to support calls within the organization. Optimize your support staff’s time while they are on the call.


increase call center efficiency


Take the burden off your agents

This is a no-brainer: if you don’t already have those in place, implement chat support and make sure your service/product offers 360 degree support channels, including videos, textual FAQ and walkthroughs or site tours. The latter are embeddable on-page, making it possible for customers to get immediate help that is specific to the page or stage they are on.


Optimize the help call flow

As aforementioned, pressuring your support agents to minimize call time may not produce the best results. Instead, build a solid process that your call center staff can use as a guide. Like in most professional tutorials – understanding the principles and the process is more important than being versed in the details.


Knowing how to categorize the problem can help your agents explain solutions more clearly. It can also help skill based routing issues, thus contributing to increasing overall call center efficiency.

Ensure help procedures mirror customer pains

Since you are probably recording some of the incoming calls your center is receiving, listen to them with an emphasis on how customers are presenting problems, not just which issues are repeated.


You can then design a procedure and phrase the solution in a way that addresses the customers’ problems in their language, using a more accessible terminology. This is likely to increase the effectiveness of the call and improve your call center functionality.


A good CRM system

Seriously, make sure your agents are working with software that best suits their needs. One of the factors to lengthen support calls is waiting for information to load or having a support agent frantically dig around for information in a badly designed system while the customer is on hold. Don’t spare expenses on your CRM or on effectively training your employees how to use it. The ROI is a sure thing.



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