Conversion Optimization

Drive Up User Conversion Rates Through the Funnel in 3 Simple Stages

From product landing pages to eCommerce to SaaS, improving conversion rates is the goal of nearly every web-based business. The journey begins the moment they land on your page and reaches a critical point when they become your customer. Along the way, they may fill out forms, choose service or product types, or opt for a free trial or freemium plan. Keeping your Leads’ interest and removing roadblocks to that final submit are key to converting them from interested  visitor to successful user.

Turn your funnel into three simple stages that improve conversion rates by designing every step in the process for conversion.

drive up converstion through the funnel

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Optimizing the Hotel Guest Experience You Offer your Guests

The experience of a hotel guest determines whether or not they return in the future or look elsewhere the next time they are in town. Guests are also the first source of information that families, friends, and coworkers turn to when seeking information on the best hotel lodging. Word-of-mouth advertising such as this plays a big part in adding new customers and retaining old ones. A customer is far more likely to return to a hotel or recommend it to others when everything from booking their stay to checking out is easy and trouble free.


Conversion optimization for hotel online booking is mainly about a good browsing experience and a smooth booking process, but offering other incentives also increases conversions.


optimizing hotel guest experience - fawlty towers

Choose your mentors wisely

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UX Tips: How to Improve User Conversion Rates

Most people have used a software or web-based product that was designed with the best of features, but lacked a decent user interface. The products are difficult to use and unless the provider has a monopoly on the technology, they face poor user conversion rates and are eventually relegated to the bottom of the product list.

Without a good user interface, users find the product difficult to use from the onset and everything from implementation to user onboarding and acceptance become more difficult or may even fail altogether. Conversion optimization begins with the design of the user interface and includes all aspects from signup and tutorials to site navigation and feature implementation.

ux tips to improve conversion rates

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The Biggest e-Commerce Shopping Cart Bottlenecks

A concern to all e-commerce shopping sites is the user who adds products to the shopping cart and then leaves the site without making a purchase. Of particular issue is the potential customer that makes it to the “Pay” screen and then abandons their cart.

If one considers the ease with which a customer can make a purchase in a brick and mortar storefront as opposed to an e-commerce site, perhaps it is not surprising that users give up when confronted with a complex payment process and leave a site to visit the local mall or other store. Predictive analytics can help reduce the number of users who leave a website by providing insight into the reasons why they may have left, which allows conversion optimization to improve sales.

reduce shopping cart abandonment

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How to Increase SaaS Customer Conversion Rates

Potential customers become paying customers when they are satisfied that the service is worth the money and provides them with a greater return than the investment required. Converting free trial users on a SaaS platform Is more of a marathon than a sprint – it requires long term attentiveness to their demands, both in terms of customer service and analytics.

saas customer service

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A UX Lesson on Conversion from LinkedIn

In May 2014, LinkedIn launched a mini-tutorial, 3 tooltips long, to onboard users on to their relatively new Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature. I say “relatively new” because this display of the feature has been around for months. So why now? How come LinkedIn waited this long to add this tutorial?


More of a Nudge than an Intro

The answer is: because the tutorial isn’t really meant to teach you how to use the feature. “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” has been around for a while. It underwent a makeover around February this year and LinkedIn offered personalized tooltips to help with the onboarding.


So what is this mini-guide about? And why is it so miniature? My theory is that LinkedIn’s analytics were showing that users aren’t as versed as they should be by now with the feature and specifically, with the analytics aspect of it. Notice how the first tooltip points to the “trends” section of the graph:

LinkedIn onboarding profile views

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How to Get Better at Reducing SaaS User Churn Rates

Of primary concern to providers of in-the-cloud services are the customers who embrace a service and use it for a while, only to leave for what appear to be greener pastures—a new or different platform or even abandoning cloud services all together. SaaS Churn rate—the rate at which business customers adopt and then abandon Software as a Service (SaaS)—is a problem for all companies that provide cloud services as their lead product or service.


Company focus is often at the heart of a churn rate problem when usage stats are overlooked in favor of conversion statistics.


reduce saas churn rates


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How to Increase Up-selling and Cross-selling Potential

Anyone who has ever owned or worked in a retail-based business understands the value of cross-selling and up-selling products. It is the reason jewelers keep the wedding bands beside the diamond rings and why salon stylists keep hair products near the cash register. The public may think it is for the sake of convenience but perceptive business owners know that these extra sales can really make a difference to their profit margins. Online businesses are no different, they still need to make those up-sells and cross-sells, and although the theory is the same, the technique is a little different.

Online shopping navigation optimizition

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How to Provide a Personalized, Simple, and Error-Free Online Experience

The internet is vast and developing a personal experience within it may seem impossible. With all the websites and online stores to choose from, how do you direct a potential customer to your company from the choice of thousands and how do you keep them there? Digital marketing is not only about getting traffic to your website, but also about obtaining the right leads and optimizing their onboarding process. You certainly do not want waste time and money targeting men over 50 if you want to sell baby clothes. The answer: personalize their potential online customers experience.


friction free online experience


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UX Tips: How to Promote New and Advanced Features

We’ve recently given some tips on how to introduce new SaaS features. Drawing attention to new features is important, so that users will notice them and learn how to use them quickly and easily. We want to take it a step further and highlight the navigational aspects of helping your users through a smooth adoption process:


Use Your Colors (and Shapes)

Designer Stephen Anderson states that Curiosity, Imagery, and Pattern Recognition are the three keys to seductive interactions. Make the news about the new feature stand out. The effectiveness of highlighting lies in our pattern recognition ability: our brain adjusts to a certain layout and coloring scheme, so that when something is changed in the it, an alarm goes off somewhere in our brain and our eye-sight is immediately stimulated to focus on what’s changed. This is also why you shouldn’t overdo UI changes in your website – it will dull out your users’ ability to notice the changes, rendering news page elements useless. Over-stimulation is bad for new advanced feature implementation.




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