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The Best Way to Lower and Reduce Training Costs

One of the biggest costs of doing business is training employees. It does not matter if you are in the fast-food restaurant industry, or if you are a high-tech software business, your work force needs to be well-trained in order for your company to run efficiently. Although employee-training costs are unavoidable, they do not have to be as rampantly expensive as they have in the past.


With today’s technology, employee onboarding is more efficient, more cost effective and ultimately more successful. The following methods are a great way to lower and reduce training cost while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.





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Onboarding Millennials: From Instructive to Supportive Employee Training

The full version of this article was originally published on on Bob’s Guide. 

Quietly and almost unnoticeably, employee training practices which had been in use for decades are becoming obsolete. While existing practices may still be relevant to some employees, for a growing percentage of our workforce: the millennials, these have become less relevant and even a hindrance. By 2014, 36% of the workforce was comprised of millennials. This means that over a third of your workforce grew up in a world where instant communication and accessible, affordable technology were a given, a thing to be taken for granted.


When it comes to work-culture – millennials are different. Being constantly connected and used to immediate feedback, they bring a quick and vibrant rhythm to professional environments. They are digitally native, often preferring to communicate via Hangouts, chats and instant messaging over emails or phones. Chats are actually a good example of the Millennial pace: short, laconic, and efficient – i.e., bite-sized.

onboarding millennials


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Employee Training Strategies: How to Simplify Employee Software Usage

It’s an inconvenient truth, but most people aren’t overly fond of change. Implementing new software in a company full of employees who are used to an existing system can be a challenging endeavor. Fortunately, there are a number of different strategies that can be applied, such as bonus incentives, self-service adoption tools and gamification that will help simplify the software usage for your staff and have them wholeheartedly onboard in no time.


Simplify Employee Software Usage


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What is Onboarding? Part One: Employee Onboarding

Funny fact: when searching for the meaning of term Onboarding, you would stumble upon one of two explanations – one relating to the process of acclimating new employees at a workplace, the other relates to the experience of getting a user to learn how to use new software and feel comfortable with it, often on a Mobile device.


In essence, these two processes are similar. The process of familiarizing someone with a new environment, whether professional or digital, requires a strategy for welcoming, teaching skills and providing a sense of control and confidence in a new environment.


Seeing as Iridize’s expertise pertains to both onboarding practices, we gladly offer the Two Part Series of the Iridize Onboarding package. This post will focus on onboarding new employees:

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Business Process Management for Dummies

What is Business Process Management?

How do you know what to do about a task after it is done? Simple: you pass it along to the next person or role, whose job it is to handle the next stage.


Fair enough.


Now, how do you know who that person or role is?


In most organizations and companies, a certain chain of actions and reactions evolves naturally to carry out processes and needs. As organizations grow, these processes multiply and new processes are born, to accommodate new needs and address expanding events and actions.

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Employee Training Videos your Employees will Thank You for

Videos have become an inseparable aspect of onboarding and support in employee training. Videos, videos everywhere – most software providers have replaced some of their knowledgebase solutions with videos. The digitization of training processes has made it easier for users to accept a video instead of classroom training. Not to mention cat videos, but the great minds of our generation are yet to find a way to turn those into training materials.


video training


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It’s Time to Reduce Employee Online Errors in Web Based Systems

Web-based systems, like any other system, require effective employee training and employee onboarding to ensure a successful launch for a new system, and the ongoing success of an existing system. Not every employee error is the user’s fault. Initial employee training often takes place in a non-stressful environment and working conditions are rarely exactly the same as training.


While under stress and handling real customers in the day-to-day work cycle, the working conditions and software environment can contribute to employee errors in web-based systems.


Reduce Employee Online Errors in Web Based Systems

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How to Train New Employees

An integral part of any successful business is having up-to-date and knowledgeable employees. Ask any entrepreneur the reason behind his success and invariably he will attribute it, at least in part, to his hard-working and knowledgeable staff. The secret to having employees that are efficient and well-informed, is simple, they were trained well from the minute they were brought onboard. An effective employee onboarding program is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

training new employees

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How to Improve Employees’ Work Efficiency

In any workplace, there are methods to encourage productivity and help employees to be more efficient at their jobs, reducing costly errors in the process. One of the most common problems is that your workers may not be aware that there are better ways to get the job done. In many cases, lack of efficiency is the product of little or no training. Too often in an economically difficult time, one of the first expenses to be cut is staff training. In the short term, you may save a bit of money, but no business can survive the cost of little training or no training at all.

 employee training compressed

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How to Avoid Employee Workflow Errors

Human errors are inevitable – that is what’s human about them. While we can’t eliminate them altogether, we can try to minimize their occurrence by identifying the source of common workflow issues and methodically finding solutions for them.



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