Iridize Features

How to Launch a Successful Product Release with Iridize

One of the practices Iridize users love the most, is the ability to send in-app product releases to their end users. Our power users have long since found fun and engaging new ways to serve the release notes to users. We collected a few “best practices” for new (and veteran) users who want to make sure end users are not skipping important new functionalities in a SaaS product.

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Comparative Analysis of Iridize and WalkMe in 2017

As the two leading market solutions, Iridize and WalkMe are normally the two final professional solutions companies need to decide between. In this post we try to help you discover the differences between the solutions and to describe the benefits of Iridize over WalkMe to certain customers.


iridize vs walkme

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New Feature: Export Guide to PDF

This feature has been received with such delight and excitement, we almost feel bad we didn’t think of it earlier. We’re thrilled to announce a new functionality that lets you export your guide to PDF or HTML.



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New Feature: Iridize Goals

Let’s say you fell in love with jogging. You went from half-hearted attempt to get the family doctor off your back to indispensable nightly jogs in a matter of weeks. And you get better. You know you’re getting better, but all you have is a feeling and a loose estimate. You really want to know what your improvement curve looks like, so you start tracking your time, maybe download an app. Soon, you begin to aggregate data.


Here’s something most people don’t realize: data-driven improvement is an organic process. Once your data reflects achievements, it’s only a small step to setting goals and creating more structured and successful progress.


When we realized that at Iridize, the natural thing to do was to provide our users with tools for improvement in user training through monitoring and structured scaling. So we created Goals.



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New Feature: Drilldown Guide Analytics

What is the Holy Grail of user training? That’s an easy one: usage data. We all want access to our users’ every move in our guides. This information is worth gold: How are your guides doing? Which guides did users have trouble completing, when did they last view a guide and which guides aren’t they using at all? If we knew all that, we would be able to design better guides and fix the broken ones. In short – we would be able to give better training.

Well, you can.

Iridize presents: the Drilldown Guide Analytics dashboard that allows you to analyze a guide’s success at user level. You can now view user activity and interaction with the guide and collect user feedback on guides through a friendly guide rating system.


drill down analytics


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New Enterprise Feature: Collaboration and User Management

What is your favorite feature in Google Docs? For many, it is the collaboration module. The ability to actually touch the same work materials as your colleagues can often mean the difference between team-work and, well, the other thing.


Iridize understands that while you wish to share with your colleagues or managers the data provided through our dashboard (statistics, guide preview, analytics), you may wish to limit the ability to edit and modify guides to a smaller number of users.


For that very purpose, we developed Iridize’s Collaboration and User Management platform. We understand that as an enterprise you wish not only to invite colleagues to work with you on guides but also to manage their roles and permissions.



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New Feature: Iridize’ Step Branches Respond to User Choices

We’re excited to announce a powerful new feature: Iridize Step Branches


Step Branches will allow users to launch guides stemming from guides they are currently on, based on user behavior, user choices, user preferences and user specs.


The idea behind step branches is to allow end users to diverge from certain guides on to other guides. For instance: you can create a “tree” of guides, linked associatively and by related topics.  A user can then follow the information she needs from one guide to the other, returning to the original guide at any time.


iridize step branches

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Iridize Feature: Guide A/B Testing Platform

Have you tries out Iridize’s A/B Testing platform yet? We offer the ability to A/B test the effectiveness of Iridize guides on any number of predetermined goals and on your user conversion rate. Select the Iridize guides (or activation rules) you want to test and we will help you plan and implement the test for two user groups. You can then use our analytics dashboard to check the impact of Iridize guides on your conversion rates with maximum accuracy.


a/b testing platform for employee training


Needless to say, Iridize’s A/B Testing platform is included in our regular pricing plans and does not require additional payment.


If you’re not sure what that means – A/B Testing is a method of determining which of two software versions works better by subjecting each of two 2 versions to 2 different groups of users (group A and group B). This is a thorough, accurate method that mirrors scientific experiments and has been universally embraced by companies as a way to test and optimize products on an ongoing basis.


Read more about Iridize’s testing (available in staging environments).


New Feature: User Specific Guide Activation Rules

How many times have you gotten annoyed when the same splash screen jumps at you for the 70th time on one of your regular websites? Now it’s your turn, as a service provider, to find a way to draw attention to new features without causing your users to burst a vein. Iridize has the perfect solution for you.


This new feature is one we’re really excited about and it’s also one of our fanciest differentiators: from now on you can determine guide activation rules. To put it simply – you can control how many times, and how frequently, each guide will automatically run for different user types. You can also determine which guides will appear in the start panel for various user groups on specific sections or pages of your application.


For instance: your website is offering a holiday discount and while you want to draw attention to that, you don’t want to spam returning users and risk annoying them to the point of abandonment. We can help you set a rule that will run the guide twice (or once, or three times, etc.) for each user. Neat feat, right? Likewise, user groups – control the guides you run for free trial vs. paying users, or for sales reps vs. customer support reps.


To optimize your activation rules, use our analytics dashboard and Iridize goals.