Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Customer Acquisition Metrics

Metrics have a strange, somewhat inexplicable allure over SaaS providers. It’s as though the number patterns hold a mysterious, elusive cipher to success. Maybe if we eyeball enough graphs, look at the customer usage stats through enough segments and rummage through enough site flows and clickthrough rates, we will be able to unravel that million-dollar metric-molecule that will tell us how to give our users exactly what they want. It’s a question of covering as much data ground as possible, right?


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Drive Up User Conversion Rates Through the Funnel in 3 Simple Stages

From product landing pages to eCommerce to SaaS, improving conversion rates is the goal of nearly every web-based business. The journey begins the moment they land on your page and reaches a critical point when they become your customer. Along the way, they may fill out forms, choose service or product types, or opt for a free trial or freemium plan. Keeping your Leads’ interest and removing roadblocks to that final submit are key to converting them from interested  visitor to successful user.

Turn your funnel into three simple stages that improve conversion rates by designing every step in the process for conversion.

drive up converstion through the funnel

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The Biggest e-Commerce Shopping Cart Bottlenecks

A concern to all e-commerce shopping sites is the user who adds products to the shopping cart and then leaves the site without making a purchase. Of particular issue is the potential customer that makes it to the “Pay” screen and then abandons their cart.

If one considers the ease with which a customer can make a purchase in a brick and mortar storefront as opposed to an e-commerce site, perhaps it is not surprising that users give up when confronted with a complex payment process and leave a site to visit the local mall or other store. Predictive analytics can help reduce the number of users who leave a website by providing insight into the reasons why they may have left, which allows conversion optimization to improve sales.

reduce shopping cart abandonment

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How to Increase SaaS Customer Conversion Rates

Potential customers become paying customers when they are satisfied that the service is worth the money and provides them with a greater return than the investment required. Converting free trial users on a SaaS platform Is more of a marathon than a sprint – it requires long term attentiveness to their demands, both in terms of customer service and analytics.

saas customer service

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How to Increase Up-selling and Cross-selling Potential

Anyone who has ever owned or worked in a retail-based business understands the value of cross-selling and up-selling products. It is the reason jewelers keep the wedding bands beside the diamond rings and why salon stylists keep hair products near the cash register. The public may think it is for the sake of convenience but perceptive business owners know that these extra sales can really make a difference to their profit margins. Online businesses are no different, they still need to make those up-sells and cross-sells, and although the theory is the same, the technique is a little different.


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Happy New Year from Team iridize!


How to Create and Sustain Customer Loyalty

A friend in tech support once compared good customer service to marriage: after the romancing of the sales is over, it’s time to start the real work on the relationship. Customer loyalty is not “generated” – it’s earned and is key to building a sustainable business. This is beyond making sure you have return customers – customers aren’t likely to develop a sense of loyalty toward a product, so it is up to the service provider to provide a service worthy of loyalty.

Michael Lowenstein of Harris Interactive Loyalty coined the term “customer ambassadorship”, stating that customer loyalty is in fact a result of employees’ loyalty to the company or brand. The comprehensive approach is, of course, to align your entire organization with customer service values. But if you are an SMB or in charge of the customer service division with little leeway, you may have to adopt a leaner approach:

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Prepare Your Customer Service for Online Holiday Shopping Rush

The thing to remember about shopping and the online holiday shopping rush is – It only comes once a year. There is no point in planning a comprehensive organizational change that takes months to implement – good online shopping customer service has to be maintained all year round, and no last minute reform is going to change that.


So what you really need is a set of tools and hacks to deal specifically with this rush with a well-defined time frame. This is of course much easier than implementing a full-scale reform oriented to improve customer service for your eCommerce business.


prepare customer service for holiday online shopping

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6 words you should never, ever say to customers

6 words you should never, ever say to customers

Nomenclature – What Do You Call Interactive Guides?

Back in May, Jonathan Anderson at UXMagazine started an important debate on the direction and shaping of the UX profession. This made me realize that the field of walkthrus and site tours is also in its formative days and as such, the terminology to address the thing that shows you other things around websites is, well, half baked at best.


It’s funny, that. Think of web and technology terms that didn’t exist or did but acquired a new context over the past 3 years and yet you wouldn’t question their meaning: Mobile, Social, Tablet. Everyone knows exactly what you mean when you refer to apps, plugins, add-ons, but there is hesitation when it comes to interactive guides, online guides, etc.




Needless to say, this multiple-term conundrum has its consequences where Search and SEO results are concerned. This Babylonian term-jumble will eventually resolve itself and as far as linguistic trends and evolution are concerned – one of the terms will stick. For the time being, I did some research in an attempt to get a clearer picture of the terminology currently in use to describe what we do:


At Iridize, we find that On-Page Guidance is a pretty accurate description of what we do, accentuating the on-page aspect, which, we feel, is what this solution is about – providing the help on the same page the issue is, rather than sending the user to wander in the Realms of Off-Page. But this term is hardly in use, and so not very useful on the marketing front.


The two most common terms to describe this solution seem to be Walkthroughs and Site Tours. It should be noted, though, that in many cases the use of both Walkthrough and Site Tour actually refers to tutorial videos, presentations or screenshots.


Another term in use is Product Tour, used by Google Analytics (or would be, if the tour existed).


Interactive Guides is also a popular choice of term and it usually refers to high end graphic work combined with responsiveness to the user’s actions (mouse-over, clicks). A fine example is Microsoft’s interactive guide to Office 2010 commands.


There are also Introductory Tours, but they are less common, I assume because of the expression’s length.


Do you know of any other terms to define what we do?

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