SaaS Onboarding

“Onboarding”. You keep using that word.

The term ‘onboarding’ is most commonly used by UX experts and web designers to define those first 3-4 screens meant to orient new users in an app. Those are definitely part of the onboarding process, but the onboarding process is much lengthier and more complex than two or three actions can accommodate. This may seem like “Onboarding 101”, but we find it is important to get back to basics every now and then, to revisit the base principles and check in with industry standards.


onboarding you keep using that word

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Why you need Onboarding optimization

Honestly, these things just write themselves.

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The Best Ways to Improve Your SaaS Onboarding Optimization Process

The best onboarding practices of Software as a Service (SaaS) ensure that customers learn, adopt, and continue to use the platform long after the initial sale. Onboarding optimization takes the usual process of user adoption and training and turns it into a natural learning experience. When hands-on use becomes a part of the SaaS onboarding process, users become familiar with the platform more quickly and adopting that platform becomes second nature.


improve saas onboarding optimization_500


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4 Successful SaaS Onboarding Strategies

Onboarding is a constantly evolving science – transforming with design trends, technological innovations and further understanding of user needs. Users adapt their expectations to onboarding developments and the cycle continues.

Some basic truths about onboarding remain the same since the dawn of technology (and I’m referring to that time Neolithic Dave tried to get Neolithic Bob to use that brand new plow effectively) – we just have to find a way to implement them seamlessly into a highly technological environment.


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How to Provide a Personalized, Simple, and Error-Free Online Experience

The internet is vast and developing a personal experience within it may seem impossible. With all the websites and online stores to choose from, how do you direct a potential customer to your company from the choice of thousands and how do you keep them there? Digital marketing is not only about getting traffic to your website, but also about obtaining the right leads and optimizing their onboarding process. You certainly do not want waste time and money targeting men over 50 if you want to sell baby clothes. The answer: personalize their potential online customers experience.


friction free online experience


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How to Lower Customer Service Costs in SaaS

SaaS developers provide a service rather than a product. It is therefore important that this provider offer an elevated level of assistance to accompany the software service. In fact, customer service costs are one of the greatest expenses of the SaaS industry. Although, it is not possible to eliminate the cost of providing this assistance, there are ways to lower customer service expenditures.

lower customer service costs in saas


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How to Optimize the New User Onboarding Process

Onboarding is a constantly evolving art and science – successful onboarding corresponds with technological innovations and design trends. While website and application owners need to keep their ear to the ground for the latest browsing habits, it is our job to keep tabs on the onboarding world, so that we can always present our users with the latest, most updated onboarding solution.


We broke it down to a few basic principles that can be integrated into a matrix:



Onboarding Solution Matrix

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Embed User Experience Methods into Your Customer Experience Strategy

The terms “User Experience” and “Customer Experience” are often used interchangeably. It makes sense: both doctrines (in the online context) are about mediating software to users in the best way possible. This “best” part varies according to user type, technology, trends and the provider’s capabilities.


Confusing these two, however, is a misuse of both terms. The difference between user experience and customer experience is that user experience is one of the many elements incorporated in the practice of customer experience. Navigation, design, accessibility, responsiveness – all of these UX elements are part of the efforts to provide a constantly improving customer experience. Customer support, billing, sales, delivery – these are all factors within the greater scheme of delivering a good customer experience.


cx ux infographic

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Promote and Highlight New SaaS Features Effectively

Congratulations on your snazzy new feature. After all that laborious work, brainstorming, UX brain-aches and riding the R&D team like everyone’s lives depend on it – it’s time to tell the users.


Just to be clear: I’m going to focus on 3 primary channels for letting your users know about new product releases. But I’m going to teach you how to do it well, in a way that guarantees that news of your new feature reaches as many users as possible. I keep returning to this Toggl story about 5 features users kept asking for, that had already been in use for eons. Let’s not have that happen to you.


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How to Onboard New SaaS Users

Onboarding new SaaS (Software as a Service) users requires extra care, because the service element should be highlighted from the start. SaaS applications are supposed to be easily adoptable and with a minimum learning curve. Another reason adoption is critical for SaaS is because the field is highly competitive and a successful onboarding process is an essential part of outshining the competition.


While it goes without saying that your SaaS’ usability is a determining factor in its success, onboarding does not necessarily relate to features in your service, rather to the initial user engagement. So how do we optimize the onboarding experience for new SaaS users?



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