Drive Up User Conversion Rates Through the Funnel in 3 Simple Stages

From product landing pages to eCommerce to SaaS, improving conversion rates is the goal of nearly every web-based business. The journey begins the moment they land on your page and reaches a critical point when they become your customer. Along the way, they may fill out forms, choose service or product types, or opt for a free trial or freemium plan. Keeping your Leads’ interest and removing roadblocks to that final submit are key to converting them from interested  visitor to successful user.

Turn your funnel into three simple stages that improve conversion rates by designing every step in the process for conversion.

drive up converstion through the funnel

Monitor Analytics

It is difficult to improve on a process when you don’t know where the pitfalls lie or where the road becomes difficult. Understanding where users stumble will point you in the right direction. Improving conversion rates and creating successful users without data is not impossible, but with well defined micro-conversions and predictive analytics, the difficulties and pitfalls are more easily identified.

For example, if twenty out of thirty users stop filling out a form after reaching a specific field, perhaps they consider that information too private to share, or the button to move on to the next page is not easily visible, or… without the data, you don’t know where to begin looking for the problem.

Utilizing analytics to identify roadblocks or areas of contention provides insight on changes to make that will improve conversion rates.

Change Flow

Look for ways to improve flow on pages where user-centric analytics point at user fallout.

Make messages short, clear, and to the point. Use action words. Simplify forms whenever possible. The shorter the path to completion and the sooner users can click the ‘finish’ button, the more users the page will convert. Allow new visitors to complete purchases with a minimum amount of information.

Sometimes navigation changes can improve conversion rates. Move buttons for better visibility or make them larger or with brighter colors. Choose different colors for navigation. Include a tool tip that is yet another call to action. Simple navigation and user interface changes can have a profound effect on conversion rates.

A-B testing allows you to sample users to find tweaks that work best—a change in button position, different wording in a call to action, or a different message may increase conversion rates. Implement the change for all users and continue to monitor the analytics data.

Call to Action

Virtually any sales or marketing course will tell you—ask the customer to close the deal. If you don’t ask, they may think you’re not interested in selling to them. Successful users are those who can find their way around a page easily and convert without aggravation.

Clarify calls to action. Use simple phrases that get the message across. “Questions? Ask Our Online Rep Now!” or “Click to Purchase” or “Add to Cart”.

Make calls to action visible. Place them where the user will see them. Include some above the fold so no scrolling is necessary, and when those are scrolled off the screen, add another so that it is always visible. Once they are convinced, a ‘buy’ button where they can see it will improve conversion rates  instead of making them go looking and possibly change their mind.

Keep calls to action accessible so they are easy to find and easy to use. Pressing the “Add to Cart” button should never invoke an error—instead, use default quantities or styles or a package. Allow them to confirm and change the shopping cart later. 

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