How to Eliminate Online Customer Frustration and Confusion

This may come as a surprise to many readers, but customer confusion is a very real thing. When we talk about customer confusion and frustration, we are referring to the state of mind someone enters when being overwhelmed with information of a similar or identical nature. When encountered with several similar products or services, it is much more difficult to make a rational choice between them, because it comes down to nuances.


This is a common problem for eCommerce businesses and SaaS providers. The challenge to find a good differentiator from the competition is a tough one. Customer confusion leads to frustration, cart abandonment, postponing the purchase, delegating the action to someone else.


eliminate customer frustration

Some customers may engage in research, attempting to narrow down the options. Few are experienced, confident decision makers. For most of us, several experiences as confused customers are enough to make us want to avoid this kind of activity as much as possible.


As a SaaS provider or the owner of an eCommerce business, your goal is to eliminate customer confusion from your offering or minimize it as much as possible. As aforementioned, this can be done by finding a key differentiator from your competition. This can be something to do with the core of your service or product that requires research and being well acquainted with the competition. It also needs to be something big, not just fluff.


If your business is a hotel or a resort and changing its core isn’t that achievable, you need to make sure your online accessibility is flawless. Plan your booking or registration channels to ensure that navigation from landing to conversion is resistance free, in terms of UX. This way, your smooth booking flow may end up engaging customers before they get a chance to go back out there and consider the alternatives.


Walkthroughs and site tours are a good solution for decreasing customer confusion. Embedding a walkthrough in your site flow can be just the key UX differentiator you need. Site tours are terrific for assisting with on-page navigation and reducing the amount of unnecessary choices customers are faced with. As such, walkthroughs can be helpful not only as an advantage over other providers, but to minimize customer confusion with your own catalogue. Through embedding a site tour, you can help your customers reach the best purchasing decision in the minimum amount of time and make sure your customers are happy and likely to return while improving conversion rates.


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