Embedding an iFrame in a Guide

Why just tell when you can show and tell? “Level up” your guides by embedding an iframe into any step.

Sometimes, you just need that little extra to help an idea come across perfectly. If only you could incorporate an external source–that help guide, or knowledge base article–to go with that step in the guide… Well, with Iridize’s embedding iframe feature you can now incorporate external aids and provide users with exactly what they need to know, at the exact moment they need it, without having to direct them to go outside your system.

But the buck, as they say, doesn’t stop here. Embedding an iframe doesn’t just allow you to show materials to your users, it also facilitates interaction. For example, Provide your users with a survey that you’ve created (in SurveyMonkey or in Google Sheets) directly over the interface of your product. The immediacy of this option enables you to collect user input at the most accurate moment, instead of retroactively. What more, Iridize’s other features allow you to make progress contingent on cooperation. In this way, you can make sure your audience will not take shortcuts along the way, and ensure their completion of the guide with all the steps along the way.

Embedding an iframe

The mechanism of embedding an iframe into a bubble is similar to embedding a video or an audio link. Iridize has a generic algorithm that recognizes the type of content that is provided in the URL and automatically deploys it correctly in the bubble.

As with video and audio, there are two ways you can embed iframes into Iridize bubbles. In both cases the process is easy and quick.

Embedding From the Editor

  1. Launch the Iridize Editor
  2. In the Expanded Content Editor, choose the Embed Media Console Box. (see Image)

3. In the console box enter the URL for your iframe and click “ok”.

4. The external website will now appear in your Iridize bubble.

5. You can minimize the Expanded Editor, and either continue to the next Step or click “Done” and continue to the Guide Activation Conditions.


Embedding From the Dashboard

  1. Click the New button to create a guide, and choose “Video” from the options in the green bar (1)
  2. In the URL box (2) enter the URL of the page you wish to embed
  3. Don’t forget to give the new guide a name (3)

  1. Now click CREATE.
  2. A new guide has been added to your Video Guide list.
  3. You can now choose the URL you wish this guide to appear on.


Please note! Some products do not allow you to embed them inside an iframe. We suggest you test each page to see that it works before launching it to your users.

Want to know more about this and other features? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Nadav is Iridize's Content Manager. With extensive experience in teaching, marketing and content strategy, he enjoys seeking innovative ways to simplify and improve the communication of ideas. He has a BA in English and communications and an MA in English Literature, and is a proud information geek.