Enhance your Customer Service with Social Media

We’re delighted to share a guest post by Nunzia Falco Simeone – Marketing Manager at Deskero.

Interacting with customers on social media carries a lot of opportunities for brands that need to build a stronger relationship with clients by understanding their needs and habits. Facebook, Twitter & Co are becoming an essential way for customers to communicate with businesses, so now they represent a viable component of customer service experience.

So, how can brands use social media to improve their customer service?

Be Present

Whether you have a website, a Facebook page or a Twitter account, the imperative is to be active. Post and update your accounts, provide immediate response to questions and interact with fans as quickly as possible. Consumers demand online customer support 24/7. That’s why you need to check every channel clients might choose, and you must be ready to answer.

Be Nice

Communication via social networks is very informal, but that does not mean that you can provide superficial or even rude answers. Your customers are important to you, treat them as you would treat a friend!

Listen to the Feedback

Feedback is immediate on social networks. If your customers think that your brand has done or said something wrong, they will tell you. So take the time to read suggestions and to answer them with a thank you. Even the angriest client will appreciate that.

Letting your followers know you’re listening to them is the core of customer service and can ultimately bring you more business.

Find the Right Tool and the Right Staff

Managing multiple social media accounts can be pretty tough, that’s why you need to choose tools that help you with customer relationship management.

And train your staff. Do you think that anyone can manage your social accounts? Wrong! Your social media expert is the person who represents your company online and provides customer support on social channels.

Finally, always remember that social media platforms are not a threat to your brand reputation. If you act in the wrong way, what should people talk about? Do well and you’ll be rewarded!

Does your company use help desk software to make customer service faster and easier? Let’s continue the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.


Noa is Iridize's Head of Content. With a background in digital strategy planning and database management, Noa translates Iridize's vision, stories and data into words. Digital learning and user experience are a particular passion of hers.