Guide Analytics: Optimize Guide Performance

Iridize’s Guide Analytics Dashboard reveals great mysteries: how many times has each guide been launched, how many times were they completed (if at all), when were they launched – and more.

You can work with our A/B testing platform for guides to test different guide versions and find out which are more effective.

If you want to drill-down further and gain insights into user behavior patterns, you can dive into the User Activity Analytics dashboard.


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This data is critical for getting the most out of your onboarding flow. Guide activation rates can tell you so much about your users’ engagement with the training process and with the product: which guides are they opening? Which guides are they completing? After which step is there a drastic drop-off? When are guides being launched the most?

Iridize guide analytics

Get feedback from your users on guide effectiveness 

Invite your users to rate guides they use. You can see each guide’s average rating and the number of voters at the top of the page. The Guide Rating feature encourages your users to be more active in their training process and give accurate, quantifiable feedback that will help you to focus your optimization efforts.



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