Improved Task List: Offer Users Unique Training Flows


You asked for it, we listened and now, it’s finally here! Iridize’s new and improved Task List.


The Improved Task List is a personalized list of guides, videos and links, that are presented as one group, which allow your users to see how far they have advanced in completing/viewing the list.

Use our Improved Task List to plan user specific guide flows. You can arrange lists as –

  • Training flows that walk your users through a new software platform
  • Onboarding sequences that train and certify new employees  
  • Release notes that showcase new features and functionalities in an existing product
  • Pre-defined task lists the users need to complete while working on a certain process
  • And more…


Task List - Product Training - Iridize


Iridize allows you to create unlimited Task-Lists per product. You can create a Task List for each type of user, based on role, past activity – or any other rules you wish to choose. This amazing capability allows you, for example, to help each user to get his or her own specific onboarding process, based on role, permissions or current needs.  

Task Lists are launched from a circular Task List icon that can be situated anywhere on the screen (the default is the bottom left of the screen) and has your chosen color theme.


Task List - Employee Onboarding - Iridize


We made sure to add a progress bar to help users know how they are coming along. And of course, users will enjoy the satisfying strikeout effect, which is the only reason any of us ever create and complete tasks lists!


Creating a Task List

The task list back-end is also friendly and easily manageable. Task Lists are available in all themes, as well as customizable to your brand’s specific color scheme (if you’re on the paid plan).  


Choose the “Task List” option under the “Manage” drop-down menu in your Iridize Dashboard.


To create a Task List you need to add to it any number of Iridize Guides, Links and Videos. This means you’ll be able to set it up only after creating and configuring the guides you want your users to take.


You can choose to allow your users to reset the guides progress view (Progress Bar / Scratched out guides) on their own – or allow such functionality only to Iridize Editors.


Task List - Personalized Guides - Iridize


Once you’ve created the Task List, you can choose to add viewing conditions to it (just as you do for any type of Iridize guide.


If you wish to ask a question about this new feature and learn of more Iridize features please contact us.

Nadav is Iridize's Content Manager. With extensive experience in teaching, marketing and content strategy, he enjoys seeking innovative ways to simplify and improve the communication of ideas. He has a BA in English and communications and an MA in English Literature, and is a proud information geek.