Comparative Analysis of Iridize and WalkMe in 2017

As the two leading market solutions, Iridize and WalkMe are normally the two final professional solutions companies need to decide between. In this post we try to help you discover the differences between the solutions and to describe the benefits of Iridize over WalkMe to certain customers.


iridize vs walkme

Defining Needs and Specifying Solutions

Let us begin by saying we consider WalkMe our only “real” competitor out of the various onboarding solutions out there, so when our Sales Team is approached with questions about the differences between the companies, normally they reply by asking 4 questions:

  1.  What do you need the solution for?
  2.  What type of platform do you wish to support?
  3.  What is your budget?
  4.  How self-sufficient are you – and how self-sufficient do you wish to be?

Ultimately, the reason for choosing a solution like Iridize is derived from customer needs. If you need to support a simple website tour – neither Iridize nor WalkMe are the solution you probably need. On the other hand, if you wish to offer complex, contextual, live, user guides and walkthroughs – then you need a more robust, enterprise product which offers more than just a “guided tour.”


Comparing Focus, Implementation and Capabilities

History and Background

Iridize and WalkMe are actually the same age – both launched in 2010/11. And while both companies searched for a solution for a similar problem – each took a slightly different path in product approach and implementation which ultimately impacts the relevance of each solution to different market segments.

Product Development

While WalkMe saw its growth strategy in the standard CRM market and developed a solution that was more attuned to Salesforce or similar products, Iridize took a more flexible approach in its product development and targeted a wider customer range.


As a result, Iridize developed a robust product which can be modified to fit different product requirements, combined with a powerful API, which can receive additional features and connect to various external products with very little development costs.


This also means that Iridize requires a bit more training to use (compared to the more plug-and play approach used in WalkMe), but once mastered – allows users to do more. It is worthwhile mentioning that Iridize takes great effort to train our customers (for free) in using the product, so that they do not need to pay extra for professional services and guide creation.


Support is very important to Iridize – we want our customers to be self-sufficient and not have to rely on us for everything. This is why Iridize offers all its customers free support and training to the level they need (for our customers’ reviews and a stellar 5 star rate of Iridize’s support, view Iridize on GetApp)


walkme on salesforce

Screenshot of WalkMe guide on Salesforce. Source: GetApp


Unique User Generated Guides

One of Iridize’s most powerful features is the ability to collect comprehensive data about the behavior and activity of each, specific user and to provide automatic content to users based on this activity and collected data. While WalkMe supports some unique user data such as survey feedback and onboarding widget activity, Iridize can give you much more.


With Iridize’s unique user engine you can, for example, learn –

  • Which guides the user completed, when, what steps s/he reached
  • The full activity history of a specific user – what he/she actually did
  • What a specific user searched for in the Help Widget (soon)

You can then use this data to create rules based on whether a user saw/completed/engaged with another guide or launch a guide to a user that ran a specific search


onboarding analytics dashboard

So why Choose Iridize over WalkMe?

  • Supports complex products – Iridize will give you more flexibility and also allow for more product unique features (like popups, multiple browser tabs, etc..).
  • Extensive and deep user level reporting for your training or user engagement needs – Iridize will be able to give you a much deeper experience.
  • Complex guides with rich content options – Iridize can offer you more.
  • Internet Explorer – Iridize allows you to create guides on legacy applications that only work on IE  
  • On-premise solution – Iridize allows you to easily implement a low-cost local implementation.
  • Control look and feel – Iridize allows you to download (and upload) a full design kit and completely change the look of the guides and widgets.
  • Comprehensive and very flexible editor – Iridize’s editor supports rich text formatting, embedding images, videos and other media. 
  • Pricing – finally, if pricing is important to you we’d like to add that, while both solutions are fair priced, Iridize normally costs less than WalkMe.


Disclaimer: Please note that the content below is based on public information provided by WalkMe as well as a WalkMe demo account, and if changes are made to their product which are not publicly known, Iridize may not be aware of them.


For your convenience, we created a Features List that offers a general base for evaluation of both products.


Feature Iridize WalkMe
Contextual guides Yes Yes
User type content Yes Yes
Integrate with HTML Elements Yes Yes
Help widget Yes Yes
Onboarding widget Yes Yes
Create Polls Yes Yes
Multi Language support Yes Yes
Unique user reporting Full Very limited
Unique user content provision Full Very limited
Cross machine / platform support (example: for user history) Yes No
Javascript API Yes Yes
Single Page Application support Yes Yes
No coding needed to create guides Yes Yes
Includes a dedicated Editor Yes Yes
Needs an embed code to run Yes Yes
Supports PermaLink Yes Yes
High level cloud security Yes – AWS cloud security Yes – AWS cloud security
CDN support Yes Yes
High level availability Yes Yes
Performance Very high performance.

Does not slow down product or service

High performance.

Slightly lowers service speed – especially with multiple browser tabs

Support viewing in all browsers Yes Yes
Rich video and audio content support Yes Yes
Reporting Yes – Very Advanced

with unique user level statistics

Yes – Advanced
Embedded iframe content Yes Unknown
Custom Help Widget Yes No
Advanced Text Editor Yes Limited
Accessibility ready Yes No
Auto PDF creation from guides for offline support Yes No
Cookies None Required
Account collaboration tools Yes N/A
Account administration user types (Admin / Editor, etc.) Yes No
Audit trail for guide creators Yes No
Support for Internet Explorer for Editing guides Yes No
Support for Firefox for Editing guides Upon Request Yes
Support for Google Chrome for Editing guides Yes In development
On premise solution Yes

Various options

Customization (look and feel) Yes

Full Customization


Via UI

Salesforce support Yes – with extension Yes – with extension
Microsoft Dynamics support Yes Yes
Support for SharePoint Yes Yes
Support for Moodle Yes Yes
Free training and support Yes


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