A Quick Microlearning Lesson from LinkedIn

As we’ve said before, microlearning is becoming an increasingly popular tool for onboarding and software adoption. What you don’t know, is that it has been around for a while, even before it started gaining popularity. Back when you could only afford to develop microlearning tools if you had 300 million users.


This micro-example is from May 2014, when LinkedIn launched a 3-tooltips-long tutorial, introducing their “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature. The funny thing is that feature had been around for months before the tutorial suddenly popped up. LinkedIn just decided to highlight it as part of a marketing campaign to increase conversions from free to paid plans.


linkedin microlearning example tutorial


When you think about it, it’s the perfect solution for agile product teams releasing frequent product updates – embedding short, relevant tidbits that help the user manage the UI changes. The medium’s flexibility makes it possible to weave it into the user interface and address only the latest, most relevant product updates and features.


This example teaches us a few things about embedding microlearning in products:


1. Microlearning can serve not only first time users. The “tutorialness” adds a fresh vibe and can sometimes serve to re-wrap and deliver old features in a way that makes them seem new.


2. The line between help content and marketing is blurrier than ever. The tutorial was designed to highlight a feature, educate users and invite them into the premium zone, all at once.


3. Calls-to-action matter in microlearning, perhaps more than in regular help documentation. They are the engine that helps navigate the tooltips/text snippets, moving the process forward, turning the content into an actionable learning opportunity.


linkedin microlearning example CTA_


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