New Feature: Drilldown Guide Analytics

What is the Holy Grail of user training? That’s an easy one: usage data. We all want access to our users’ every move in our guides. This information is worth gold: How are your guides doing? Which guides did users have trouble completing, when did they last view a guide and which guides aren’t they using at all? If we knew all that, we would be able to design better guides and fix the broken ones. In short – we would be able to give better training.

Well, you can.

Iridize presents: the Drilldown Guide Analytics dashboard that allows you to analyze a guide’s success at user level. You can now view user activity and interaction with the guide and collect user feedback on guides through a friendly guide rating system.


drill down analytics



How Do I Access It?

Click the graph icon on your guide dashboard:


accessing analytics

Guide Rating

Users can now rate guides in-app! You can see each guide’s average rating and the number of voters at the top of the page. The Guide Rating feature invites your users to be more active in their training process and give accurate, quantifiable feedback that will help you to focus your optimization efforts.



Guide Analytics

The guide analytics are essentially unchanged, but are now much, much easier on the eye. The graphs display:

  • The number of times a guides was started (per date, within your selected date range) – this data is helpful in getting an overview of the guide’s activity, demand and exposure.
  • The number of hits per steps – helps to monitor overall guide helpfulness. The number of users who stay engaged with the guide all the way to the end are indicative to how effective and needed it is to your userbase.

Guide Analytics


User Activity Chart

As you can see, the user activity report offers you everything you need to know about user engagement with your guides, and then some:


User Activity


The user activity report is a super-tool for finding and fixing bugs in guides. For instance, if Tim the Salesman hasn’t viewed a certain guide that was supposed to be served to him automatically (by “push”) – that may mean something is wrong with the guide activation conditions. It’s easy to fix when you know what to look for.

It is also a terrific way to monitor compliance – serial none-engagers are easy to identify. As are users who seldom complete guides.


A Holistic Approach to Guide-Building

Iridize’s new analytics dashboard offers you a truly comprehensive approach to designing and building guides. The user perspective, user feedback and the guide overall view complete each other and allow you to get a rich, detailed birds-eye view of your guides program.


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