Optimizing the Hotel Guest Experience You Offer your Guests

The experience of a hotel guest determines whether or not they return in the future or look elsewhere the next time they are in town. Guests are also the first source of information that families, friends, and coworkers turn to when seeking information on the best hotel lodging. Word-of-mouth advertising such as this plays a big part in adding new customers and retaining old ones. A customer is far more likely to return to a hotel or recommend it to others when everything from booking their stay to checking out is easy and trouble free.


Conversion optimization for hotel online booking is mainly about a good browsing experience and a smooth booking process, but offering other incentives also increases conversions.


optimize hotel guest experience


By the time a traveler lands on a hotel or online booking site, they already have a good idea where they will stay. A smooth and trouble-free booking process helps move them from planning the trip to becoming a future guest. The onboarding process begins the first time a guest uses the hotel reservation or online booking site. And that experience can turn into future reservations if it goes well.


Avoid guest frustration and browsing errors by guiding them through the online booking process with a walkthrough. They won’t have to go back to fix errors or become frustrated when an apparent error doesn’t appear on the page in the same place as the error message. The process can help them choose dates, the type of room and beds, and special requirements such as an extra bed for a toddler or a non-smoking room.


Self-service support that appears at their fingertips such as FAQs, chat windows, or contact forms also reduces errors and improves click through to the complete the booking process.



Hotel communities help guests get to know each other which can turn their stay into a more friendly lodging experience. It provides a comfortable environment where guests don’t have to feel like strangers. A platform that matches dates to the stays of other guests can serve as a way for them to introduce themselves.


This could be especially helpful for people attending conferences or other business events who want to network and meet other business people, but don’t want to spend the time at a networking event hoping to cross paths with the right person.


Social Space

Setting aside time and space to incorporate social gatherings is another way hotels can improve the overall experience of guests. From craft fairs to art shows, social events attract guests and make their overall experience friendlier and more enjoyable.


Ideas include showcasing local artists or authors, meet and greets with local personalities, and the possibility of winning a prize when a guest attends whatever social event the hotel is promoting.


Include a calendar on the hotel website that shows the events featured during the guest’s upcoming stay. Some guests may even extend their stay or book a day or two early in order to attend an event of special interest.

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