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Devise an Employee Onboarding Plan Based on Employee Types

An article published by Cooper-Thomas, Anderson & Cash at the University of Auckland in 2008 prompted consideration of different types of employee onboarding, for different types of employees. The data they used was segmented by new employees’ experience.


The article’s premise is simple: experienced newcomers respond differently to onboarding efforts than inexperienced ones. Experienced employees, claims the research, are more inclined to try to shape their work environment rather than passively accept mentoring and initiation input.

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A Surprising Yet Awesome Onboarding Use Case to Replicate

In all honesty, I did not expect to find the best onboarding use case I’ve encountered in months on the website of the US Department of Agriculture, but there you have it. To be fair, I know very little of onboarding practices in government offices, but if anyone had asked, I would probably have raised a skeptic eyebrow. I am rarely so glad to be proven wrong.

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Iridize to attend LavaCon2015



We’re delighted to announce that Iridize will be attending LavaCon2015! Iridize is a Silver Sponsor of the conference and our CMO, Oded Ilan, will be giving a talk on:

Extreme Onboarding: Onboarding Generations Y and Z. 

If your employees or users are in that age-group – you will want to hear his talk.


LavaCon is just about the biggest industry conference for technical communicators and content strategists. Technical writers come from all over to network, enrich their practice and learn about the latest trends and technologies in the technical communication field. We’re excited to be part of this huge event.

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4 Helpful Resources on Microlearning and Help Content

We write a lot about microlearning, help centers and context sensitive help. Not all of our content finds its way here, to Iridize’s blog. Some of our more think-worthy stuff goes on Quora, where we contribute our experience and knowledge. Quora offers one thing that our home-grown content doesn’t – people ask specific questions, and get a chance to clarify what they mean down to the smallest detail. This way, we can answer questions more accurately and to the point.


So we collected some of our Quora answers on subjects we often revisit.  They relate mostly to best practices, examples and strategies in creating help content and microlearning. Enjoy!


resources microlearning walkthru help | stock gift


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10 Onboarding Best Practices to Implement This Year

As with most talent management practices, employee onboarding success is less about the hacks and tricks and more about complex psychological reactions. The emotional engine that drives new employees is not unlike that of kids at the first day of school: apprehensive, insecure, eager to impress and please, yet cognitively wide open and incomparably receptive to learning new things.



Charming the lions: first day of work state of mind. 

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Introducing: Zendesk Integration

Do you manage your customer service with Zendesk? We built an API to allow Iridize and Zendesk to work better together. Best practices for getting the most out of your Iridize & Zendesk integration:


1. Install Iridize’s Help Widget and connect it to your Zendesk help center. Your users will now be able to search the help center from the help widget, effectively bringing your help center/knowledgebase inside your product.


2. If you’re familiar with Zendesk Apps – you can use the Iridize App to integrate guides directly into your support messages to users. Read more here.


3. Are you using the Zendesk messaging service? Create permalinks to Iridize guides and set up triggers to send them to users in chat bot conversations. Permalinks are direct links to Iridize guides that “know” where and when to launch a guide.


4. If you’re using the Zendesk support chat  or call center products, your support representatives can follow up calls with permalinks to guides, helping the users step-by-step even after the support session is over.

Iridize integration with Zendesk


 Would you like to learn more?

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What is Onboarding? Part Two: User Onboarding

As we previously pointed out, onboarding is an unusual term in that it can be used to describe two similar yet unrelated processes of getting people to adjust to a certain environment. If you’re looking for the intro to employee onboarding – check out What is Onboarding Part One.


In this article, we will introduce different aspects of User Onboarding, touch on Best Practices and overview the different types of user onboarding out there.

onboarding illustration keyboard

Why do we even need User Onboarding?

User onboarding is the process of helping new software users to start using the application in the friendliest, most efficient way imaginable. Let’s break this down to the actions we are asking the user to carry out after they have downloaded/registered to the application:

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