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An Evolution of SaaS Analytics

Over the past few years, we have seen a rapid evolution of analytics unfold before our very eyes. Since the analytics ball is still rolling, it is exciting to see how changes in SaaS analytics design swiftly adapt to technology and marketing trends. Immediate history, analysis of current affairs and prediction, all rolled up in one. Kind of like a SaaS analytics dashboard.


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Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Customer Acquisition Metrics

Metrics have a strange, somewhat inexplicable allure over SaaS providers. It’s as though the number patterns hold a mysterious, elusive cipher to success. Maybe if we eyeball enough graphs, look at the customer usage stats through enough segments and rummage through enough site flows and clickthrough rates, we will be able to unravel that million-dollar metric-molecule that will tell us how to give our users exactly what they want. It’s a question of covering as much data ground as possible, right?


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It’s Time to Reduce Employee Online Errors in Web Based Systems

Web-based systems, like any other system, require effective employee training and employee onboarding to ensure a successful launch for a new system, and the ongoing success of an existing system. Not every employee error is the user’s fault. Initial employee training often takes place in a non-stressful environment and working conditions are rarely exactly the same as training.


While under stress and handling real customers in the day-to-day work cycle, the working conditions and software environment can contribute to employee errors in web-based systems.


Reduce Employee Online Errors in Web Based Systems

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Drive Up User Conversion Rates Through the Funnel in 3 Simple Stages

From product landing pages to eCommerce to SaaS, improving conversion rates is the goal of nearly every web-based business. The journey begins the moment they land on your page and reaches a critical point when they become your customer. Along the way, they may fill out forms, choose service or product types, or opt for a free trial or freemium plan. Keeping your Leads’ interest and removing roadblocks to that final submit are key to converting them from interested  visitor to successful user.

Turn your funnel into three simple stages that improve conversion rates by designing every step in the process for conversion.

drive up converstion through the funnel

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Optimizing the Hotel Guest Experience You Offer your Guests

The experience of a hotel guest determines whether or not they return in the future or look elsewhere the next time they are in town. Guests are also the first source of information that families, friends, and coworkers turn to when seeking information on the best hotel lodging. Word-of-mouth advertising such as this plays a big part in adding new customers and retaining old ones. A customer is far more likely to return to a hotel or recommend it to others when everything from booking their stay to checking out is easy and trouble free.


Conversion optimization for hotel online booking is mainly about a good browsing experience and a smooth booking process, but offering other incentives also increases conversions.


optimize hotel guest experience

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The Challenges of Customer Support Forums: What are the Alternatives?

Once upon a time, at the dawn of the internet when everything was still new and uninhibited, forums were your best way to get any kind of software support. Forums were used not only for support but also for socializing and expanding one’s network.


We’ve come a long way since then.

Peer forums have been replaced by Facebook groups and most software providers have since realized the significance of responsive, visible customer support for their brand and positioning. Surprisingly, that didn’t catalyze the demise of support forums. In fact, support forums are still a widely popular choice for many brands.


The advantages are obvious: support forums allow for a more personal touch in technical issues – support representatives write under their own names, often with their picture attached and are able to address a large number of users at the same time. Forums showcase the brand’s level of customer support and are a terrific keyword-based source for easy web search solutions.


But even with all these benefits, support forums still present a myriad of challenges that call their effectiveness as a support tool into question.


alternatives to online support forums

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How to Increase SaaS Ease of Usability

The usability of your SaaS product will determine in part how successful it is. Easy-to-use products are quickly accepted by users and the acceptance stage of user onboarding becomes much smoother.

Finding the ideal medium between ease of usability and features that are useful should be the goal of every SaaS platform provider. It goes almost without saying: A product rich in difficult-to-use features is also difficult to adopt, while another product with similar features that is easy to use will garner the highest user acceptance.

Improve usability by utilizing the tools at your disposal including predictive analytics, A/B testing, user feedback, and raw experience to improve SaaS product usability and design.


increase saas ease of usability

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