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UX Tips: How to Improve User Conversion Rates

Most people have used a software or web-based product that was designed with the best of features, but lacked a decent user interface. The products are difficult to use and unless the provider has a monopoly on the technology, they face poor user conversion rates and are eventually relegated to the bottom of the product list.

Without a good user interface, users find the product difficult to use from the onset and everything from implementation to user onboarding and acceptance become more difficult or may even fail altogether. Conversion optimization begins with the design of the user interface and includes all aspects from signup and tutorials to site navigation and feature implementation.

ux tips to improve conversion rates

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The Biggest e-Commerce Shopping Cart Bottlenecks

A concern to all e-commerce shopping sites is the user who adds products to the shopping cart and then leaves the site without making a purchase. Of particular issue is the potential customer that makes it to the “Pay” screen and then abandons their cart.

If one considers the ease with which a customer can make a purchase in a brick and mortar storefront as opposed to an e-commerce site, perhaps it is not surprising that users give up when confronted with a complex payment process and leave a site to visit the local mall or other store. Predictive analytics can help reduce the number of users who leave a website by providing insight into the reasons why they may have left, which allows conversion optimization to improve sales.

reduce shopping cart abandonment

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Discover the Best Training Strategies for New SaaS Users

Forming a good SaaS training strategy prior to implementing a new software platform is a critical part of planning the implementation.

Even SaaS platforms that are relatively easy to learn require employee training for successful onboarding. Through SaaS training, new users learn how the platform works and how to use it to do their jobs. A good employee onboarding program acclimates users to the new platform and helps them overcome their fear of change. It shows them how they will use the new system to do their jobs, where to find help when they need it, and how it may affect their work flow.


Most importantly, employee onboarding vests the new users in the platform and makes them a part of the successful implementation. The employee training program should employ a combination of training methods including training videos, presentations, instructor led classes, remote sharing tools, and hands-on walkthrough guides.


best training strateges new saas users

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Customer Service Tells: SaaS Onboarding Through Nuances

We’ve written before about the critical role of customer service in the onboarding process. Customer service is a tricky, elusive factor in your customer success plan – on one hand, the customer service usually revolves around responsive interaction (responding to needs). On the other hand – it has been scientifically proven that companies sending long feedback forms to their customers, thereby creating work for them instead of alleviating the pressure – are annoying.

It’s time to delve into what we at Iridize like to call “customer service tells”, that will give you a better indication of where you stand with your customers, in terms of customer service, and where that is on the via dolorosa that leads to conversion.


customer service tells

Customer Service Tells. What would Le Chiffre do? 

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“Onboarding”. You keep using that word.

The term ‘onboarding’ is most commonly used by UX experts and web designers to define those first 3-4 screens meant to orient new users in an app. Those are definitely part of the onboarding process, but the onboarding process is much lengthier and more complex than two or three actions can accommodate. This may seem like “Onboarding 101”, but we find it is important to get back to basics every now and then, to revisit the base principles and check in with industry standards.


onboarding you keep using that word

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Why you need Onboarding optimization

Honestly, these things just write themselves.

why you need an onboarding solutoinImage source


How to Increase SaaS Customer Conversion Rates

Potential customers become paying customers when they are satisfied that the service is worth the money and provides them with a greater return than the investment required. Converting free trial users on a SaaS platform Is more of a marathon than a sprint – it requires long term attentiveness to their demands, both in terms of customer service and analytics.

saas customer service

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