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Splash Screens: Enhance User Engagement

We developed Iridize’s splash screen as an effective method of engaging and retaining user attention. The splash screen opens an important message, greeting, video, or any other type of content/media. They are a fantastic medium for delivering important, urgent and highly visible messages to users.


splash screens

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The Best Ways to Improve Your SaaS Onboarding Optimization Process

The best onboarding practices of Software as a Service (SaaS) ensure that customers learn, adopt, and continue to use the platform long after the initial sale. Onboarding optimization takes the usual process of user adoption and training and turns it into a natural learning experience. When hands-on use becomes a part of the SaaS onboarding process, users become familiar with the platform more quickly and adopting that platform becomes second nature.


improve saas onboarding optimization_500


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How to Train New Employees

An integral part of any successful business is having up-to-date and knowledgeable employees. Ask any entrepreneur the reason behind his success and invariably he will attribute it, at least in part, to his hard-working and knowledgeable staff. The secret to having employees that are efficient and well-informed, is simple, they were trained well from the minute they were brought onboard. An effective employee onboarding program is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

training new employees

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How to Increase Up-selling and Cross-selling Potential

Anyone who has ever owned or worked in a retail-based business understands the value of cross-selling and up-selling products. It is the reason jewelers keep the wedding bands beside the diamond rings and why salon stylists keep hair products near the cash register. The public may think it is for the sake of convenience but perceptive business owners know that these extra sales can really make a difference to their profit margins. Online businesses are no different, they still need to make those up-sells and cross-sells, and although the theory is the same, the technique is a little different.


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How to Improve Employees’ Work Efficiency

In any workplace, there are methods to encourage productivity and help employees to be more efficient at their jobs, reducing costly errors in the process. One of the most common problems is that your workers may not be aware that there are better ways to get the job done. In many cases, lack of efficiency is the product of little or no training. Too often in an economically difficult time, one of the first expenses to be cut is staff training. In the short term, you may save a bit of money, but no business can survive the cost of little training or no training at all.

 employee training compressed

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4 Successful SaaS Onboarding Strategies

Onboarding is a constantly evolving science – transforming with design trends, technological innovations and further understanding of user needs. Users adapt their expectations to onboarding developments and the cycle continues.

Some basic truths about onboarding remain the same since the dawn of technology (and I’m referring to that time Neolithic Dave tried to get Neolithic Bob to use that brand new plow effectively) – we just have to find a way to implement them seamlessly into a highly technological environment.


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How to Provide a Personalized, Simple, and Error-Free Online Experience

The internet is vast and developing a personal experience within it may seem impossible. With all the websites and online stores to choose from, how do you direct a potential customer to your company from the choice of thousands and how do you keep them there? Digital marketing is not only about getting traffic to your website, but also about obtaining the right leads and optimizing their onboarding process. You certainly do not want waste time and money targeting men over 50 if you want to sell baby clothes. The answer: personalize their potential online customers experience.


friction free online experience


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