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Increase Call Center Efficiency in 4 Simple Steps

When it comes to increasing call center productivity, the common practice is to measure call length and encourage support analysts to lower each call time. The logic behind this is that shorter calls free up the support staff to take more calls, thus improving the call center’s efficiency by addressing more customers’ complaints.

But in fact, this practice may actually have the opposite effect on your customer-base: short calls often leave customers unsatisfied, feeling their needs were not addressed. This may lead to more calls, which means you haven’t achieved your main goal.

Instead of putting all your energy into decreasing call lengths, consider focusing on finding alternatives to support calls within the organization. Optimize your support staff’s time while they are on the call.


increase call center efficiency


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A/B Testing Platform for Guides

A/B testing is a method of testing which of two versions is better: by delivering version A to a random half of your audience and version B to the other half – you can soon tell which version is more effective.


Iridize offer this service for guides in staging environments. If you’re trying to decide between two guides -or two guide versions- we help you run an A/B test to help determine which version is more successful, which one is opened/completed more.


A/B testing guides can reveal treasures about your audience: are they receptive to long guides? Do they prefer textual explanations to images or video? Do certain calls-to-action work better than others?


Your test results will be waiting for you in your Guide Analytics Dashboard.

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Want to learn more about A/B testing guides? 

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Guide Analytics: Optimize Guide Performance

Iridize’s Guide Analytics Dashboard reveals great mysteries: how many times has each guide been launched, how many times were they completed (if at all), when were they launched – and more.

You can work with our A/B testing platform for guides to test different guide versions and find out which are more effective.

If you want to drill-down further and gain insights into user behavior patterns, you can dive into the User Activity Analytics dashboard.


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Iridize’s Rules Engine: Target Users by Roles or Behavior

At the heart of Iridize’s advanced technology lies its rules engine. The rules engine (Guide Activation Rules Engine, to be exact), is what makes Iridize such a sophisticated tool when it comes to targeting users.


The rules engine allows you to create complex flows and guides that respond to user behavior. This way, you can tailor guides that interact with the users based on their needs, their history using the product, their role in the organization and much more.


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Enhance your Customer Service with Social Media

We’re delighted to share a guest post by Nunzia Falco Simeone – Marketing Manager at Deskero.

Interacting with customers on social media carries a lot of opportunities for brands that need to build a stronger relationship with clients by understanding their needs and habits. Facebook, Twitter & Co are becoming an essential way for customers to communicate with businesses, so now they represent a viable component of customer service experience.

So, how can brands use social media to improve their customer service?

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How to Increase SaaS User Conversions from Free Trial to Paid Plans

There is a fantastic debate going on about which free-plan is better for SaaS –Freemium or Free Trial? The decision should be based on the type of service you provide, the type of users and the user-base size you are aiming for. The Freemium model aims for a very large user-base and is best suited for a simple service, probably a B2C service. You can read more about increasing SaaS user conversion from Freemium to paid plans. Free Trial services usually market a service that requires more intricate onboarding and while the conversion rates are typically higher, the process is more intensive and more natural to B2B.





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Increase SaaS User Conversions from Freemium to Paid Plans

Let’s start by getting rid of the hippo in the room: there is no binary answer to the multi-million dollar question “which is better for SaaS – freemium or free trial?”. How so? The short answer is: it depends on the nature of your service and on your user-base. While it is up to you to decide which is more suitable for your needs, we can present you with the facts and offer you some hard earned insights on how to optimize your free-to-paid conversion rates.


the hippo in the room



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