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A Surprising Yet Awesome Onboarding Use Case to Replicate

In all honesty, I did not expect to find the best onboarding use case I’ve encountered in months on the website of the US Department of Agriculture, but there you have it. To be fair, I know very little of onboarding practices in government offices, but if anyone had asked, I would probably have raised a skeptic eyebrow. I am rarely so glad to be proven wrong.

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Iridize to attend LavaCon2015



We’re delighted to announce that Iridize will be attending LavaCon2015! Iridize is a Silver Sponsor of the conference and our CMO, Oded Ilan, will be giving a talk on:

Extreme Onboarding: Onboarding Generations Y and Z. 

If your employees or users are in that age-group – you will want to hear his talk.


LavaCon is just about the biggest industry conference for technical communicators and content strategists. Technical writers come from all over to network, enrich their practice and learn about the latest trends and technologies in the technical communication field. We’re excited to be part of this huge event.

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The 6 Most Helpful Quora Questions on User Onboarding

If you anything like us, you are constantly looking for the latest insights and most recent in-depth articles online that deal with user onboarding. Quality resources are scarce and we do our best to contribute to the lively discussion, but one definitely needs to get creative when digging around for other people’s experience and opinions about complex subjects like user onboarding.


We have another post in the pipeline about top onboarding resources online, but we want to dedicate a blog post to one of our favorite resources on onboarding: Quora. Quora is more of an enormous warehouse for resources than a single resource. It houses opinions, valuable personal experience from the top professionals in the field, directories of additional resources.




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10 Onboarding Best Practices to Implement This Year

As with most talent management practices, employee onboarding success is less about the hacks and tricks and more about complex psychological reactions. The emotional engine that drives new employees is not unlike that of kids at the first day of school: apprehensive, insecure, eager to impress and please, yet cognitively wide open and incomparably receptive to learning new things.



Charming the lions: first day of work state of mind. 

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New Version: UI Upgrade and Improved Experience


We are excited to roll-out Iridize’s new version! We have been listening closely to your feedback over the past few months and have implemented many of your requests. We strongly believe that user experience should be impeccable not only for your users, but for ours, too (that’s you guys!).

All-new Feature List

  • A complete overhaul of the Iridize dashboard with a new slick look and additional functionality
  • New Rich Text format Editor to make you feel right at home
  • Iridize now has Zendesk integration, plus a searchable support widget
  • Easy to use quick-creation feature for rich content guides (movies/links)
  • Step Branches – create guides that stem from related guides in response to user behavior


What is Onboarding? Part Two: User Onboarding

As we previously pointed out, onboarding is an unusual term in that it can be used to describe two similar yet unrelated processes of getting people to adjust to a certain environment. If you’re looking for the intro to employee onboarding – check out What is Onboarding Part One.


In this article, we will introduce different aspects of User Onboarding, touch on Best Practices and overview the different types of user onboarding out there.

onboarding illustration keyboard

Why do we even need User Onboarding?

User onboarding is the process of helping new software users to start using the application in the friendliest, most efficient way imaginable. Let’s break this down to the actions we are asking the user to carry out after they have downloaded/registered to the application:

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What is Onboarding? Part One: Employee Onboarding

Funny fact: when searching for the meaning of term Onboarding, you would stumble upon one of two explanations – one relating to the process of acclimating new employees at a workplace, the other relates to the experience of getting a user to learn how to use new software and feel comfortable with it, often on a Mobile device.


In essence, these two processes are similar. The process of familiarizing someone with a new environment, whether professional or digital, requires a strategy for welcoming, teaching skills and providing a sense of control and confidence in a new environment.


Seeing as Iridize’s expertise pertains to both onboarding practices, we gladly offer the Two Part Series of the Iridize Onboarding package. This post will focus on onboarding new employees:

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