Report Engine: Generate Custom Activity Reports

We’re excited to launch Iridize’s all-new Report Engine, where you can build, customize and generate activity reports on guides and users.


The report engine joins Iridize’s robust analytics and reporting tools and corresponds with our “data at your fingertips” strategy that’s designed to help optimize training and performance by understanding user behavior patterns, bottle necks and guide bugs.


generate performance reports independently

Do more with more data

The new Report Engine opens a whole new set of options for your training team: integrating user data with other systems (CRM, ERP, HR, etc); share more information with management and colleagues, and of course segment the raw data in Excel/CSV format to produce more specific insights.


The Report Engine lives under the Analytics tab. You can easily build a user/guide activity report that fits your needs, generate it and receive a downloading link to your email.

Some of the filters we enabled in report-building:


  • Selectable columns
  • Environment (development/production)
  • Output format (excel/CSV/JSON


Optimize performance and training

Iridize’s drill-down reports offer you a comprehensive view into how your users are interacting with guides and with your SaaS platform. Our customers use these reports to identify user behavior patterns and understand which guides work better and which need improvement. We recommend combining the use of user activity with guide reports for best results. For example:


  • In user activity reports, identify users with low guide view rates. You can check whether these users were served guides that weren’t relevant to them, or if they need some extra encouragement in engaging with the platform.
  • In guide activity reports, filter the report by guide engagement and start analyzing the guides with low engagement rates: are they delivered to the wrong audience? Is one or more of the guide steps unclear? Is there a bug in one of the steps?


Don’t forget: you can view user activity per guide directly in the analytics dashboard.


Noa is Iridize's Head of Content. With a background in digital strategy planning and database management, Noa translates Iridize's vision, stories and data into words. Digital learning and user experience are a particular passion of hers.