Resume Redirect Recharge!

Resume Redirect:  Allow Users to Choose Where to Start


Version 4.4.0 invites you to recharge your users’ onboarding experience with the help of our Resume\Redirect feature, and allow them to choose where and how they wish to start a guide.

When users launch a guide on a different page than the one in which a guide begins, or when a user is already on the third page, but forgot the instructions, they no longer have to start the guide from scratch. With Resume\Redirect, users can initiate the guide from the page they are currently on, even choose which step they want to start with.

Resume Redirect

Start at any step!


But what if a user does want to start from scratch?

Why not? No reason we can think of… which is why the new “Resume Redirect” feature, empowers your users to choose for themselves whether they wish to resume the guide from their current location, return to any of the various stages in the guide on the current page, or go back and start from scratch.

Resume Redirect - New Iridize Features - Iridize

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How to Incorporate the “Resume Redirect” Feature?

With great choices comes a great new embedding code! Simply add the new embedding code, and the new feature will come into effect.

If you wish to ask a question about this new feature and learn of more Iridize features, please contact us.

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