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Administrator training for Salesforce can prepare you for the certification exam and provide you with knowledge that makes you more confident and more efficient as a Salesforce administrator.

Adding a Salesforce training program for key individuals and roles helps prepare them for a new Salesforce implementation or to take over an existing implementation. Formal training covers specific topics of understanding needed for the success of every Salesforce administrator.


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To Invest or Not

Your decision on whether to invest in Salesforce Administrator Training will depend entirely on what you personally will get out of the class. Whether you need certification and your experience level as a Salesforce administrator is short, or you have a fair amount of experience as a Salesforce Administrator and are looking to up your game, Salesforce training may help you with areas you are unfamiliar with.


If you’re new to Salesforce or have limited, short-term experience, Administrator Essentials will prepare you for a new or existing Salesforce implementation. More experienced administrators may find the Essentials classes too basic for their needs, but may benefit from the programming or analytics classes.

Training for Salesforce Lay-Users

At this point, it is important to differentiate Salesforce admin training from lay-user training: Salesforce lay-users generally require a much simpler training process than Administrators. This makes a lot of sense, if you consider that Salesforce’s main advantage over other CRMs is its ease of use and relatively smooth UX. For that purpose (training lay-users), complementing and alternate training solutions to the official Salesforce course can be considered. Most importantly – on-page onboarding solutions like the one offered by On-page guides tend to be lean, on-demand, customizable per user or user-group and more flexible in terms of user accessibility.

Administrator Training Costs and Requirements

Official Salesforce training for Salesforce Administrators is offered in both regional and virtual classrooms in an instructor led environment for five different classes. Each class takes from three to five days and should be considered as part of the Salesforce onboarding process for new and experienced Salesforce administrators.


Administration Essentials for New Admins is a five-day regional class at a cost $4,250. The professional edition is a three-day regional class or four-day virtual class at a cost of $2,550. These classes are designed for new Salesforce Administrators responsible for new or existing Salesforce implementations. The class covers Salesforce setup, configuration, and maintenance of Salesforce. Attendees prepare for the class with recommended Getting Started online courses, including Navigating Salesforce and Using the Sales Cloud.


Administration Essential for Experienced Admins is a four-day regional class. Cost is $3,000. Prerequisite are Administration Essentials for New Admins or six months of experience as a Salesforce Administrator. The class covers essentials such as extending Salesforce with custom apps and objects, complex reports and dashboards, and automating business processes.


Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Code. A five-day regional class costing $4,250. Participants should feel comfortable with the Salesforce user interface and will learn the basics of implementing business logic into Salesforce using the Apex programming language in an object-oriented programming environment. Prior programming experience is not necessary and after completion, administrators will be able to write, test, and migrate new Salesforce applications.


Implementing an Analytics Strategy for the Sales Cloud is a three-day regional class costing $2,550 for anyone who must implement analytics to drive business decisions for sales. Salesforce administrators round out their knowledge with this class with a full understanding of deploying and implementing business analytics dashboards, reports, and an infrastructure that assists users with their use of analytics.


A number of alternatives to formal administrator training classes are available. Some options should be considered as a part of the Salesforce onboarding process such as self-guided training classes, videos, and tutorials. Salesforce offers a catalog of online courses with their Standard, Premier, and Premier+ plans. offers a number of 30-minute tutorials and Salesforce has its own catalog of PDF tutorials available to everyone. A comprehensive 4000-page manual is also available as a PDF guide. Some third-party classes may be customized for your organization.

Salesforce Administrator Certification

Administrator Certification is available in two forms. Exam cost for either certificate is $200 and applicants have 90 minutes to answer 60 questions. Study guides are available online for both exams.

The Administrator certificate qualifies holders to maintain and modify cloud applications, create reports and dashboards, and to manage users, security issues, and data. Salesforce recommends taking the Administration Essentials for New Admins class prior to taking the exam.


Holders of the Advanced Administrator certificate will understand the optimization and extension of cloud applications, automate business processes, and design advanced reports and dashboards. Taking the Administration Essential for Experienced Admins is recommended for exam preparation.

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