Step Settings – Control Users’ Onboarding Journey

So, you’ve invested time and effort in creating a help center, or maybe even a real-time guide, but your users still lose their way and give up, or turn to support? Maybe the reason is that the correct way to navigate through the product still remained unclear. Iridize’s enhanced Step Settings feature gives you ultimate control over users’ learning process and allows you to ensure your users never “stray off the path.”

Generally speaking, users like quick and easy solutions to problems they encounter. Salespeople need to focus on selling, instead of navigating through CRMs. But how can you ensure users follow all the steps required of them, and not get lost, or skip important steps along the way? How can you reduce churn rates and the number of support requests? The answer is – by reducing the number of “unknowns” which new users face between point A and point Z. This understanding has led Iridize to develop the most advanced Step Settings tool in the market as part of its performance support solutions. These are just some of our clients’ favorite options:

control onboarding journey


Display Settings

No shortcuts – our display settings options allow you to control what your users see, and prevent them from unproductively skipping their way through the guide. For example, Iridize’s guide creation tools let you hide the “next” button, hide the “close” button (x), and even lock all other features on the page aside from the running guide.

Other options enable you to control the look and location of the guide, for ideal effect. Specify the width of the tip window and its offset, Show a pulsating beacon (to draw attention to a relevant item), and so much more. And the beauty of it all, is that all of these options are managed with a click of a button, requiring no use of code. Not satisfied with the way a particular element in your guide functions? Change it. It’s as easy as that.


Activation Settings

Defining the way a guide is displayed is only the start. With our Step Settings feature, you can also control what will activate the guide or the next step in it. For example, the guide can roll into action when the user clicks a certain element, when a the contents of a form field changes, when the mouse cursor passes over it. You can also activate the guide only when certain even conditions are met, for example – only if this is the user’s first visit. In this way your guides appear when their needed, and only when their needed. Otherwise, more experienced or advanced end-users can enjoy a more fluent and swift experience.


Advanced Settings

Our advanced settings cover all those little tweaks and tricks which you don’t always need, but when you do, they are very good to have. Here you can decide to temporarily prevent the user from scrolling away from the current step. You can determine what will be the next url the end-user visits, add branches and conditions to your guide’s progress, and more.

Ultimately, the correct and exact path you lead end-users through will not only prevent a great deal of frustration for you and your customers, it will also give them the oh, so important feeling that they are in good hands, that their needs and wants are validated and that someone has their back.


Want to learn more about our advanced step settings options, and see them in action? Click here to setup a demo.

Nadav is Iridize's Content Manager. With extensive experience in teaching, marketing and content strategy, he enjoys seeking innovative ways to simplify and improve the communication of ideas. He has a BA in English and communications and an MA in English Literature, and is a proud information geek.