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Improved Task List: Offer Users Unique Training Flows


You asked for it, we listened and now, it’s finally here! Iridize’s new and improved Task List.


The Improved Task List is a personalized list of guides, videos and links, that are presented as one group, which allow your users to see how far they have advanced in completing/viewing the list.

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5 Enterprise Features Our Users Love

Being an enterprise-oriented platform, we do our best to listen to Iridize enterprise customers and address their needs. It comes as a small surprise that enterprise needs differ from what SMBs or mid-range companies’ users require. This can mean a whole different level of security requirements or a variety of features that allow training teams to efficiently control onboarding programs for thousands of users. And that’s only the beginning.



From conversations with customers, we learned that at least in 2018, some features are particularly loved by technical communications and product professionals in enterprise companies. Here they are:

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Content Validation: Ensure Clean Data Input and Error Prevention

Tired of having to clean up data bases and CRMs because of silly oversights? Iridize’s content validation feature helps users check and correct themselves to make sure only the right parameters are entered and recorded.


Iridize error prevention content validation


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Export Guide to PDF: Instantly Create a Knowledge-base

This feature has been received with such delight and excitement, we almost feel bad we didn’t think of it earlier: export your guides to PDF/HTML with a click and create an instant static help center.

Also good for backing up your guides.



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Enterprise Feature: Collaboration and User Management

What is your favorite feature in Google Docs? For many, it is the collaboration module. The ability to actually touch the same work materials as your colleagues can often mean the difference between team-work and, well, the other thing.


Iridize understands that while you wish to share with your colleagues or managers the data provided through our dashboard (statistics, guide preview, analytics), you may wish to limit the ability to edit and modify guides to a smaller number of users.


For that very purpose, we developed Iridize’s Collaboration and User Management platform. We understand that as an enterprise you wish not only to invite colleagues to work with you on guides but also to manage their roles and permissions.



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Step Branches: A Guide Within a Guide

Step Branches will allow users to launch guides stemming from guides they are currently on, based on user behavior, user choices, user preferences and user specs.

The idea behind step branches is to allow end users to diverge from certain guides on to other guides. For instance: you can create a “tree” of guides, linked associatively and by related topics.  A user can then follow the information s/he needs from one guide to the other, without interrupting the learning flow and returning to the original guide at any time.


Iridize branched guides

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A/B Testing Platform for Guides

A/B testing is a method of testing which of two versions is better: by delivering version A to a random half of your audience and version B to the other half – you can soon tell which version is more effective.


Iridize offer this service for guides in staging environments. If you’re trying to decide between two guides -or two guide versions- we help you run an A/B test to help determine which version is more successful, which one is opened/completed more.


A/B testing guides can reveal treasures about your audience: are they receptive to long guides? Do they prefer textual explanations to images or video? Do certain calls-to-action work better than others?


Your test results will be waiting for you in your Guide Analytics Dashboard.

Iridize A|B testing | stock shoes different color



Guide Analytics: Optimize Guide Performance

Iridize’s Guide Analytics Dashboard reveals great mysteries: how many times has each guide been launched, how many times were they completed (if at all), when were they launched – and more.

You can work with our A/B testing platform for guides to test different guide versions and find out which are more effective.

If you want to drill-down further and gain insights into user behavior patterns, you can dive into the User Activity Analytics dashboard.


Iridize guide analytics | stock gold sextant


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Iridize’s Rules Engine: Target Users by Roles or Behavior

At the heart of Iridize’s advanced technology lies its rules engine. The rules engine (Guide Activation Rules Engine, to be exact), is what makes Iridize such a sophisticated tool when it comes to targeting users.


The rules engine allows you to create complex flows and guides that respond to user behavior. This way, you can tailor guides that interact with the users based on their needs, their history using the product, their role in the organization and much more.


Iridize rules engine | stock colorful ties


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