User Analytics: Track Training and Onboarding Progress

The holy grail of SaaS and product onboarding is here: Drill-down User Activity analytics.

The User Activity dashboard allows you to analyze a guide’s success at user level. You can monitor user activity closely, including interactions with every guide. This is helpful when analyzing guide performance and needing to dive deeper into individual analytics, to understand user behavior patterns, engagement, compliance and simple guide effectiveness.


Iridize user analytics



Drill-down to User Activity Level

The user activity dashboard lays out everything you need to know about user activity: which guides did each user launch, which guides did s/he complete, which did he abandon and much more. You can also use the dashboard to track their activity in your product – which pages did s/he visit, which actions did s/he accomplish.


This information allows you to put together the user’s story with your product: are they engaged? Are they still someone disoriented? Does their onboarding need a boost? Paired with Iridize Goals, the user activity dashboard can help you design an undefeatable onboarding plan.

user analytics


Detect and Fix Bugs in Guides

The user activity report is a super-tool for finding and fixing bugs in guides. For example, if a user hasn’t viewed a certain guide that was supposed to be served to him automatically (by “push”) – that may mean something is wrong with the guide activation conditions. It’s easy to fix when you know what to look for.

It is also a terrific way to monitor compliance – serial none-engagers are easy to identify. As are users who seldom complete guides.

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