The Iridize Zendesk App is Here!


We’re excited to launch the new Iridize app on Zendesk marketplace. From now on, our customers using Zendesk will be able to send their users guides directly through Zendesk, instead of creating permalinks and sending them by chat/email.

How does it work?

  1. Find the relevant guide in the Iridize app
  2. Add it to the support answer you are emailing back to the user
  3. When the user receives the email, she can click the guide, and be transferred to the application. There, a step-by-step guide will be launched to show her how to fix the problem she contacted support about


Each Iridize guide has a unique permalink that “knows”where the guide is supposed to run and under which conditions.

This snazzy upgrade doesn’t affect our customers who don’t use Zendesk, who can still send permalinks via email or any support software.


>>>Read more and install the app on Zendesk.

>>>Just discovered our Zendesk integration? Get the gist here.


Iridize ZenDesk App1

Search for the guide in your Iridize App


Iridize ZenDesk App2

Single out the guide relevant to the user


Iridize ZenDesk App3

Add the guide as a link to your email
All screenshots are from the Zendesk app website


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