Turn Change Management into Growth

Change is the only way to move forward

Iridize helps organizations navigate through challenging transitions with change management tools tailored to the organization’s exact needs. Iridize’s highly customizable guides mediate the process, minimize the change curve and turn employee reluctance into enthusiasm.
Don’t let change be something that “happens” to the organization, leverage it to strengthen, revitalize and enrich your business.


This is how Iridize helps smooth organizational change processes:



Icon_Organizational restructure Organizational restructure

Icon_New software implementationNew software implementation 

Icon_Software upgradeSoftware upgrade


Icon_Management replacementManagement replacement

Icon_Expansion Expansion




Steer your organization

Steer your organization through a smooth and stable transition

Implement an intelligent plan for organizational change with minimum interference to work schedule, outcome and productivity.

Plan efficient

Plan efficient new work processes and flows


Guide your employees through smart and elegant new work processes.

Accelerate employee

Accelerate employee training and qualification

Easily create personalized, interactive training programs for different employee groups, matched to individual users’ pace and learning needs.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance & manage confusion

Turn change into a welcome aspect of your organization; use in-app messaging to encourage dynamic approaches towards process optimization and help to creatively manage resistances.

Get your organization prepared and proactive to face the change


Icon_Targeted Messaging

Targeted Messaging
Personalized messages to keep employees and teams informed and on board

Icon_Interactive Guides

Interactive Guides
Easy and friendly guides to new software


Streamline work-flow changes with reminders, re-directions and simplified user pathways

Icon_In-App Communication

In-App Communication
Immediate encompassing answers to questions that arise throughout the process


Monitor the change progress through usage statistics and insights

Icon_Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable
Tailor guides to be exactly the way you want them


 Iridize has been acquired by Oracle.

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