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    Finance & Banking Training

    Self-support guides suited for fintech, that help your users overcome complexities and reduce support costs drastically.

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“Iridize is an incredibly flexible tool that opens a world of possibilities in order to onboard/guide/help your users in your app.”

-Romain Chambe, Product Manager


Onboarding platform for banking,
insurance and accounting software

Multi-language support

Audit-trail enabled

Compliant with US/EU accessibility regulations

Content validation that ensures correct input

Real-time support, available off-hours   

Easy search and powerful analytics engine


Training tailored to users, coding-free 

Without help from the R&D team, create training programs with videos, images and polls, fitted for users by role or actions.

Use Iridize’s error-prevention capabilities to ensure users are getting what they need from your software.

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Trusted by companies large and small

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