• How it Works

    Creating a better experience for users and training teams

Personalized Guides

Create interactive guides that act as a layer on top of any web-based software and guide your users through successful product adoption. Embed images, video, forms, GIFs and more – to make your content come alive.



User and Guide Drilldown Activity

Stay on top of user activity – monitor which guides were seen by which users to create smarter guides that target the right users.



Visual Analytics

Track guide activation and collect user feedback to improve adoption rates and overall performance.




Guide Rules and Conditions

Create intricate rules that target users accurately by user behavior and actions, no coding required.



Rich Formatting and Export to PDF

Work effortlessly with Iridize’s friendly WYIWYG editor, without needing help from R&D. When you’re done, export your guide to PDF format to create a knowledgebase without writing another word.


 Easy to Use

   Rich Media
   WYSIWYG formatting
   Coding free


   Target by role/user
   Branched guides
   Sensitive to page elements (error msgs, etc.)
   Audit trail support

 What you get

   Release notes
   Branded guides
   Embedded forms
   Help Widget
   Onboarding Widget


What Our Clients Say


Itay Kafri

Head of Training / Kenshoo

“Once we implemented Iridize’s guides, we were able to reach even the most unresponsive sales people on staff. The turnaround was amazing”


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