Iridize Vs. The Competition


Iridize Vs. The Competition

Evaluating an onboarding or training solution? Learn how Iridize offers you more flexibility and smarter management of your training program compared to competing products.

Iridize’s powerful and robust platform was built to allow the highest level of flexibility to our customers, providing you with total control of the flow and content of your walkthroughs and guides.
  • It empowers you to combine various elements (movie tutorials for example) into a walkthrough without the need to create new segments (in essence new walkthroughs) for each element.
  • It’s built for Growth – Iridize was built to be robust and extensible. Our framework, from the ground up is developed to support add-on/plug-in functionality. This is why when new features are added, they can be used in all of your existing guides without the need of tedious ‘power steps’.
  • It’s built for collaboration – work together with your team-mates to create a perfect onboarding experience for your customers, edit and review your guide with colleagues and create a stronger more precise onboarding process.
The strong user-specific-content engine utilizes unique user IDs to provide specific content to the user (as an individual and according to his/her role in the organization) with continuous flow across all platforms. Iridize provides the content owner with
  • User specific onboarding – provide different onboarding processes, guides, and even content within guides to different users with different roles and authorizations; for example: different onboarding tasks to sales managers compared to team leaders. Iridize even offers different flows, within guides subject to user roles and IDs.
  • User specific reporting – see specific users’ onboarding/training advancement. Monitor which guides they closed prematurely, which ones they completed, and which ones were abandoned without user-interaction.
  • BYOD – no matter which device your users employ they will always receive a smooth and consistent experience. Since Iridize tracks usage and user ID on the server side and not via cookies, your users will have a seamless experience no matter how many times they log in and from which device (PC, tablet or smartphone).
Iridize allows you to do more without forcing you to use specific technologies or rigid rule bases; for example –
  • Iridize is the only vendor to support editing in all standard browsers including Microsoft IE.
  • We allow you to display multiple tips simultaneously.
  • You can embed a video/image/Slideshare at any point in a guide without having to break your guide into multiple parts.
  • And more..
Iridize understands that our customers are our ambassadors, we want you to be happy so you can spread the message to your friends and colleagues. This is why Iridize –
  • Provides you with “extreme support”; we guarantee a 24h response time to all tickets and, in most cases a resolution within this timeframe.
  • Is committed to helping you customize your onboarding experience so it best fits your needs.
Iridize just costs less! Give us a call and we’d be happy to provide you a competitive offer or choose one of the programs here: