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    Bite Sized Training: Onboarding for Generation Y and Z


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Oded Ilan, Iridize’s CMO



Oded will be speaking at LavaCon on Wednesday, October 21, at 2:45 pm. Oded invokes his years of experience as an educator and content expert to overcome millennial challenges of shortening attention span and disrupted content consumption in onboarding.


Talk Summary

Generation Y are your junior employees, your entrepreneurs, your clients. They are the scaffolding of a business and the backbone of your customer base, and Generation Z – is right behind them. While these two generations are far from similar, in one sense they show a clear pattern

• Shortening of their attention span (Generation Z has an attention span of 8 seconds)

• Multi-source content consumption
• Content exchange via short – even image based – communication

Yet we, as product owners are tasked with training these employees and customers in how to use products that have become essential to the workplace and to day-to-day lives. In my talk I will discuss the differences between training and teaching, talk about “bite-sized content” in communication and describe how walkthroughs are a way to combine training and the MO of Generations Y and Z.




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