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microsoft crm interactive training


Accelerate Microsoft Dynamics Onboarding

Train your users to gain full command of MS Dynamics quickly and effectively. Provide them interactive training at their own pace, helping them to become confident, independent MS Dynamics users.

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Boost Microsoft Dynamics Training Success

Design and manage context sensitive help guides that respond to user behavior and smart rules, embed rich media.


track mscrm adoption rate

Track Microsoft Dynamics Adoption Rate

Track training success and guide usage by user, guide or app activity. Get custom reports on usage rates, errors and analytics.


reduce mscrm training costs

Reduce Microsoft Dynamics Training Costs

We know every company has a unique set of needs and challenges, so we are happy to adjust Iridize to your specific needs.




Fit guide to user role

Guides respond to user action

Coding free

Rich media – images, video, forms

Comprehensive analytics

Full personal product support

Onboarding widget

Audit trail support



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What our Customers Say

Rachel Owens

Head of Product Managemeny / TVSquared

“Great Team that goes the extra step to help, train, and keep everything seemingly perfect for their clients clients Comprehensive product that seems to meet every need one could have for tool tips and feature guides.”