• Improve Moodle Adoption and Reduce Implementation Costs

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Speed up onboarding and automate
Moodle support  

Streamline training and support for your Moodle users, and improve usage rates with smart guides tailored for users by actions and roles.




Drive up Moodle retention rates

Help your users settle into the Moodle platform quickly & painlessly with guides that fit their pace and usage patterns. Highlight hidden features and create full courses.


track mscrm adoption rate

Track Adoption Rate

Use Iridize’s cutting edge analytics dashboard to track training success and guide usage by user, guide or app activity. Get custom reports on usage rates, errors and analytics.


reduce mscrm training costs

Coding free guide creation

Create guides, embed images, videos, polls and more – without help from R&D. Iridize’s editor is designed for training teams and content professionals.

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Integration with Moodle knowledgebase

Send permalinks to guide by email

Embed rich media in guides – images, video, forms

Track adoption rate on user-level

Personalized guides by role or user behavior

Audit trail support

Help widget – ensure guides are accessible anytime, from anywhere

In-app messaging – contact users instantly


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