• Optimize Personalized Training – and Measure the Results

“Great for environments with complex processes such as authorizations and discount models, as well as numerous systems that need to be navigated. Also ideal for rapid growth environments where agent onboarding is a challenge, as these tools can dramatically reduce the associated time for this.” 

Iridize endorsed by Gartner (G00318520), December 2016

In the modern workplace employees must master many new skill requests, new products, and new technologies. In addition they are often expected to “hit the ground running” and to learn on the job.


Recognized by Gartner as a leading solution for employee onboarding, Iridize empowers Training and Education Professionals to create product training programs that fit users’ specific roles, needs and activity. Iridize offers you a cost effective solution for quick and efficient

•   Sales center training
•   Change management (software training)
•   Employee onboarding to organizational products (CRM, ERP, LMS, HRM)
•   Call center training

Iridize’s Product LMS allows e-learning professionals to generate (coding free):



Comprehensive product training programs

Embedded, AR (Augmented Reality) guides, that are live on the product

Contextualized, real-time lessons


User – specific training – based on user roles, permissions or needs

Self-paced Micro-learning sessions

User launched, self-managed training without the need for instructors


Finally Understand User Behavior

Even more importantly – Iridize’s powerful analytics engine can measure trainees’ results and help optimize the training process. Since Iridize collects user behavior and monitors each user’s progress, you can track these results to –

•   Offer users auto-launched lessons based on their past activity
•   Provide users with immediate feedback
•   Evaluate the quality of the training sessions to enhance their effectivity
•   Measure increased productivity to quantify the training results

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