• Performance Support for Enterprise


 Just-in-time help for employees on the job

Power your employees to streamline everyday tasks or new workflows with hands-on, personalized support guides.


step by step guides | running stock

Step-by-step guidance for everyday tasks

Create a support framework that will streamline your staff’s work swiftly and intuitively.

Learn by doing | stock woman at computer

Learn by doing – bypass the Forgetting Curve

Encourage ongoing learning with automated help that will cater to employees when and where they need it.

Error prevention and content validation | stock med kit

Error Prevention and Content Validation

Control and minimize data input errors with a few simple rules.




Release Notes
Personalized Training
Custom Task Lists
User and Guide Analytics
Embed rich media
(text, images, video, slideshare)
Cross platform and Device
Coding Free
A/B testing
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What our Customers Say

Ravit Sadeh

Technical Product Manager / EMC

“Iridize solved a problem of communication with our customers, understanding their pains and usage in our application”

Antti Korhonen

Automated Onboarding Specialist / Siteimprove

“Iridize is easy to use – flexible with conditioning and auto-launching and able to meet our development needs”

 Iridize has been acquired by Oracle.

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