• Iridize for

    Public Sector Training

    Improve product adoption with automated support tools that meet with government regulations for security and accessibility.

Iridize is a certified provider of the British government. Our products have been vetted in security, customer service, hosting capabilities and more.

*If you are a Gov.uk organization, you can engage Iridize directly, with no need for a tender.

Designed for government standards

Accessibility, in accordance with Section 508 (US) and
WCAG 2.0 (EU)

Audit trail available

Platform Implementation complies with HIPPA regulations

On-premise and hybrid installation available

Rich analytics and reports engine

Seamless support on different browsers

Onboard quickly, easily, coding-free

Create smart guides with images, videos, polls and more, independently from the IT team. Tailor guides to users’ pace – by role, department and permissions.




 Iridize has been acquired by Oracle.

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