• Reduce Support Costs and Simplify User Experience

“Within 5 months of Implementing Iridize, our support tickets were reduced by 55%”

Director of Client Services, TVSquared

Iridize empowers Product Owners to offer real time product-guidance and product-support, integrated with the product flow. Support is personalized and contextual, keeping the users within the product and simplifying the support process.

Iridize guides are on-page micro-sessions, that operate like a virtual support representative who walks the users through the process and guides them (“now click here”, “now go there”, etc.) These guides can be launched from a help-tab whenever the user needs them or pop-up automatically to new users or to users who have acted on the product in a certain way.



These self-controlled guides reduce the need for online support representatives by an average of 50%, eliminating calls such as “where can I find this feature?” or “how can I launch this process?” which clog up the support staff schedule. The result: support staff can be free to handle the more important calls on complex issues. This is especially valuable when support personnel are highly trained and expensive employees.

 Creating the Iridize knowledge center is easy:


There is no need for any software programing knowledge

You can easily collect comprehensive data about guide and support tab use

You can user Iridize’s powerful rules engine to segment guides to specific users

You can create on-the-fly guides in just a few minutes

Get Users to Pay Attention

In addition, Iridize guides can be popped-up for users automatically for in-product communication
in order to:

•   Point out new features to users
•   Send users release notes

Finally, Iridize includes an embedded “Guide-PDF-Generator” which allows you to export the guides as offline, PDF support files for your knowledgebase.

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