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Calculate How Much Iridize can Save your Organization

ROI Calculator
Iridize Saves:

How the calculator works:
All parameters are calculated on an annual basis,offering an estimate of annual expenditures on support,
training, and users churn. The calculator considers the following parameters:
Customer Onboarding & Support:
Average employee cost in your organization which train, support and onboard customers.
Number of customers using the product or service
Benchmark customer churn and new customers per year
Average onboarding period for SaaS products
Average adoption rate of SaaS products
Benchmark by Iridize customers: on average 40% reduction in support calls, 20% quicker adoption of features and 25% increase in user satisfaction with the product
Employee Training & Support:
Average employee cost in your organization (both trainees and trainers)
Number of employees that will need to be trained on the product(s).
Benchmark change management in organizations (percentage of employees that are added to the organization every year)
Average number of hours spent on training new users and supporting them (new employees/ongoing)
Average number of work hours lost per year due to employee ongoing support
Benchmark by Iridize customers: on average 30% cost reduction and 20% quicker product adoption.

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