Iain Lickerish

Director of Client Services

“Iridize was a key component in the reduced load on support for requests on our portal.”

1. TVSquared Overview

TVSquared delivers same-day performance insights to improve TV campaign efficiency. Its data-driven insights help more than 400 brands, agencies and networks across 50+ countries measure and optimize TV to improve engagement and sales.


2. An Unlikely Challenge: Highly Qualified Support Staff

TVSquared’s three products – ADvantage, Predict and Halo –  are based on powerful algorithmic technology, so when the occasional issue arises, it demands highly qualified customer support representatives. However, support is also needed to deal with more trivial requests, like login issues, permissions, etc.

In certain cases, highly trained and skilled support representatives would spend their extremely valued time dealing with routine problems.

3. The Solution: Automating Part of the Support

When Iridize was implemented in TVSquared’s customer portal, the support team set up several onboarding guides to walk new users through initial sign-up actions, as well as other on-boarding tasks.

The guides are now launched automatically for new users, and portal veterans can access them through the “Help” widget. The guides also offer basic troubleshooting tutorials, adding another tier of support for TVSquared users.

After the guides proved to be effective, the training team decided to use Iridize to publish release notes in-app. The splash screens and pop-ups are used to notify users about software updates and new features.

Iridize now serves TVSquared in a variety of capacities for engaging users and keeping them informed, with company and portal updates, greeting cards and more.

TVSquared release note with Iridize

4. The Results: Dramatic Decrease in Help Requests

The guides were able to take a load off support analysts and, at the same time, provide immediate support to users. Over the next few months, it became evident that customer support requests were decreasing and focused on more complex issues.

Six months after Iridize was implemented, the TVSquared client services team discovered that the support requests for administrative and basic feature tutorial tasks had been reduced by 50%. Support analysts were able to spend their time more effectively, and users could overcome the occasional setback easily and independently.


Admin Tickets Since Iridize Implementation