• Increase Customer Satisfaction and Engagement


User Engagement through Content Personalization

Interact with your customers on a personal level, using rich profiles and real-time customer insights to ensure they see only messages they care about.


Actionable User-Level and Adoption Analytics

Gain priceless insights into user activity, including customer lifetime cycle, churn and reactivation insights. Get a high-definition picture of adoption rates, implementation success and user challenges.

In-product Messages & Notifications

Create in-product messages: release updates, new features and product highlights. Use our rich content platform to easily add images, videos and slideshare to real-time bring your guides alive. 

Better Guides with Customer Feedback

Build engaging questionnaires or link to your existing surveys system, to ensure each user can voice their experience. Ensure your customers stay in-product while accessing external content.





Behavior-responsive messaging
Target employees by role
Track activity per guide, user or app
Audit Trail support
Embed rich media
(text, images, video, slideshare)
Cross platform and Device
Coding Free
A/B testing
Onboarding Widget


What our Customers Say

Igal Mordkovich

Sr. Product Manager / DocuSign

“We have been using Iridize guides on SharePoint trial system for over two years. Since SharePoint is a complex solution with many options, prospects would be lost without proper guidance. Iridize came to the rescue. Using Iridize, we were able to create a powerful and simple experience for our prospects.”

Rachel Owens

Head of Product Managemeny / TVSquared

“Great Team that goes the extra step to help, train, and keep everything seemingly perfect for their clients clients Comprehensive product that seems to meet every need one could have for tool tips and feature guides.”

 Iridize has been acquired by Oracle.

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