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No more pouring over endless graphs and spreadsheets. Our Customer Success Dashboard tells you just what you need to know.

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Pay only for the bottom line. Ours is a condensed, essential service - get boutique service and results for a fair price.

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Our entire SaaS customer success solution can be added to your application in minutes simply by copy-pasting a few lines of our javascript API into your application.

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Get your users to embrace your platform. Use our nifty in-app messaging platform to get your users’ undivided attention.

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Ashish Thusoo, CEO and Co-founder, Qubole

We use Iridize at Qubole to teach our users functionality in our product. Since the start the Iridize product has been of tremendous value in providing tutorials around the Qubole product to both new and existing clients. The product has been fantastically flexible to meet our needs and above all we love to work with their team who have been super responsive and helpful to our needs. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.

Kristyn Fredericks, Senior Solutions Consultant, Innotas

We have been very pleased with the service that the Iridize team has provided to us, especially around making suggestions based on their industry experience. Their short response time and accommodating nature helped us move quickly through the set up process to meet our launch date. In addition to providing helpful feedback on our guides, the online management tool is easy to use and effective, allowing us to maintain the guides on our own.

Igal Mordkovich, Product Manager, ARX

It's a real pleasure to work with Iridize. They are extremely responsive and available whenever we need them. We have received positive feedback on the Iridize guides from our users and look forward to adding additional guides in the future. We recommend the Iridize technology and their team.

Elad Kfir, VP Marketing, BioView

BioView develops, manufactures and markets an innovative automated cell diagnostic platform for use in cytogenetics, pathology and cytological laboratories. Over the past year we have been working closely with Iridize to create a web based tutorial tool, designed to educate and train pathology laboratories to analyze different molecular assays. Iridize team's responsiveness, dedication, profound understanding of UI and UX, and their superb application is a winning combination for the service they provide.Utilizing Iridize's web tutorial tools has greatly contributed to the success of our product introduction to the market, and the Iridize walk-through guides have already been used by over 2000 medical experts across the world.

Hen Sharon, Training Manager, Ness Technologies

For several weeks, I searched for a flexible and user-friendly tool to help guide our users in an intuitive manner. After a lengthy search, we chose Iridize. Iridize's interactive walk-through guides are an ideal solution for providing immediate and comprehensive help on one of our applications. The Iridize solution has met all of our requirements with regards to customization and functionality. Not only has the Iridize solution met all of our needs, the Iridize team has always been extremely helpful in providing us with assistance and advice on setting up our walk-through guides in the best possible way. Whenever we have needed changes in the way our walk-through guides behave, Iridize has always provided us with an acceptable solution. I have really enjoyed working with the Iridize team and I'm glad I found their effective onboarding solution. I highly recommend Iridize!

Yuval Shemesh, CEO, Roojoom

Setting up the Iridize walk-through guides was a breeze. The process was much quicker than we had anticipated, and the results have been amazing. Our Iridize guides have increased our conversion rates by 46%! I highly recommend Iridize for any company that wants to improve their user onboarding process.

Nisim Heletz, CEO, CorporateCentral.com

The Iridize team has done a great job for us creating a custom onboarding guide and providing top notch customer service as well as custom tweaks based on our requests and feedback. They are the kind of vendor I want to work with. 10 out of 10.





eToro, a leading social investment networking application with close to 3 million users, used Iridize to announce and introduce a new feature to their users. The announcement included a tour of the various sections and facets of the new feature. Of the users who saw the initial Iridize on-screen announcement, 84% clicked to see the new feature tour. This is an example that demonstrates the very high level of engagement that is typical with Iridize guided walk-throughs.


With more than 1.5 million users in over 7,800 organizations across 70 countries, Replicon is the leading provider of cloud-based time tracking applications. The are using Iridize to give an initial overview tour to their new free-trial users. An A/B test showed that their Iridize overview guide provided Replicon with a 21.3% increase in their users’ goal completion rates.


Qubole, a leading cloud data platform, is using Iridize to help onboard its new users. The combination of walk-through guides and user-specific guide activation rules has proven extremely effective in introducing new users to the Qubole platform and its functionality. An A/B test demonstrated that Iridize has been delivering a 26.7% improvement in Qubole’s new user retention rates.

Real Time Athletes

Real Time Athletes is a college sports scouting and recruiting application that uses a series of Iridize guides to introduce its new users (coaches, recruiters, and athletes) to the application’s processes. Their Iridize guides have provided Real Time Athletes with a 25.4% increase in their goal completion and user retention rates.

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